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Best NBA Betting Apps 2021 – Find a Basketball Betting App

In tandem with the annual spike in public interest and the subsequent rise in TV viewing figures during the NBA postseason, the need to discover the best NBA betting apps is also on the up across America! It’s for that reason that we wanted to clue our readership in on some of the best options available for use in the US in this article.

Our sole aim here is to navigate you towards verified sportsbooks and their apps, take advantage of great deals, and, ultimately, enable you all to enjoy watching quality basketball without having to stress about what’s going on with your wager.

What are the best NBA Betting Apps?

To begin, here are our picks for the top 5 best NBA betting apps available in the USA.

Best NBA Betting Apps Reviewed

For a more detailed breakdown of how we’ve come up with our list of the best offshore NBA betting apps available for use in the US, we direct you to the reviews below.

MyBookie NBA Betting App

An NBA betting app with plenty of optionalities and that broadcasts decent NBA odds, MyBookie is another top choice for American sportsbook bettors.

The app itself is simple to download, navigate and – most importantly – it makes betting on basketball easy and fun. There are a variety of NBA lines available bettors to chance their money on, including the moneyline, NBA spreads, and total points markets. On top of that, the prop market for NBA live betting is also chocked full of interesting options come game day.

MyBookie has been a popular choice for American pro-basketball gamblers for just over seven years already. Not least because of the array of promotions and bonuses dished out by the company. Currently, the NBA betting app is dishing out a 25% sports reloads up to $500 and a $250 referral bonus to existing customers.


  • Tons of options for NBA game day and futures
  • Parlay betting feature
  • Reliable NBA betting app that updates by the minute
  • $500 deposit bonus for new users
  • Rewards patrons regularly with bonuses + referral bonus


  • No live streaming of NBA on app

BetUS NBA Betting App

This sportsbook’s NBA betting app and site broadcast highly competitive odds. It’s possible to wager on both the NBA and the NCAAB. And there are plenty of lines to choose from, including playoff series-futures, finals winner, MVP, and your standard gameday moneyline, total points, and spread markets.

An NBA betting app that’s famously quick to market with NBA futures, BetUS prides itself on broadcasting new odds and lines in advance of other sportsbooks. No other app is currently offering such a variety of futures for the 2022 season during the month of June 2021.

Another quality feature of BetUS is how much attention to detail goes into the app. The sportsbook ensures that bettors are provided with quick access to up-to-date stats, tips, and NBA betting strategies that are all easily accessible at the click of a button.


  • Numerous options for NBA live-betting, pre-game, and futures
  • Unique futures bets for the upcoming 2021-22 season
  • $2500 deposit bonus
  • Player & team stats are easily accessible from the sportsbook
  • Over 20 years experience in sports betting


  • No Euro League
  • No live streaming

Bovada NBA Betting App

Famed for the variety and optionality of its basketball betting lines, Bovada doesn’t disappoint: the site contains countless NBA game lines for futures, game day, and NBA live betting. The prop market is also chocked full and there are tons of interesting wagers to be made. For the upcoming Game 5 Eastern Conference Finals: Milwaukee Bucks vs. Atlanta Hawks – there are prop bets for practically every player or team variable you’d care to mention.

Aesthetically, the Bovada application is one of the best on the market. With particular reference to basketball, the NBA/NCAA/ & European basketball betting lines are laid out clearly and it’s easy to navigate your way around the different markets – that goes for both the site and the sports betting app.


  • Plenty of optionality for NBA live-betting, pre-game, and futures
  • A deep market of prop bets is available during the season
  • Parlay betting
  • $750 deposit bonus during the playoffs!
  • Great Odds


  • No live streaming
  • Not available for use in Las Vegas, NV

Intertops NBA Betting App

Another of the best NBA apps available on the market is Intertops. This sportsbook does lag behind some of the competition in terms of options. But Intertops is known to provide excellent odds for NBA futures bets, which is something the sportsbook prides itself on. On top of that, Intertops also has markets open for WNBA basketball and even futures posted for the international basketball tournament at the Japanese Olympic Games which is scheduled to get underway in July 2021.

This new, updated NBA betting app is simple to traverse, gifts a $200 risk-free bet to newcomers (which is always appreciated), and Intertops bonus codes tend to be quite rewarding, too.


  • Great odds on NBA futures
  • Red Hot In-Play offers during live betting
  • Parlay betting feature and offers
  • $200 risk-free bet when you signup to the app
  • App is simple to install, use, and navigate


  • Lacks optionality of other NBA sports betting apps, particularly on game day
  • Not the most stylistically pleasing site or app

BetOnline NBA Betting App

The BetOnline sportsbook and casino underwent a complete site & app makeover a year-or-so ago and now looks the part. The sports betting app is at least as aesthetically pleasing as most of the competition. It’s not like it ever would have harmed your chances of making bank betting on the NBA finals, but it certainly just feels nicer (and safer) to use now that the interface/graphics/et al have been brought up to date.

The BetOnline app offers plenty of market optionality for NBA betting too: the futures markets are deep and open early; it’s possible to bet on the NCAA basketball, and WNBA betting is also a feature. Plus, as mentioned, the NBA odds are really good: -2500 on Cade Cunningham to go No.1 at the 2021 NBA Draft is about +3500 better than most sportsbooks are currently broadcasting.


  • Updated NBA betting app and site looks a LOT better than it used to
  • App is simple to install and use
  • A deep market of game day prop bets available for both team and player
  • Highly competitive odds, especially 2021 NFL Draft Odds
  • Up to $250 deposit bonus for new users


  • No live-streaming of NBA games
  • Limited prop market available on app

Why Use Sportsbook Betting Apps?

Betting on mobile betting apps isn’t exactly revolutionary when compared to betting on your laptop browser: you’re looking at a similar color scheme on the site as you do on the app; identical odds, the same adverts, etc. it’s really not all that different.

That said, there are certainly a few advantages to betting on the NBA via an app:

  • Because a sportsbook app is so streamlined, placing a wager on one is quicker; it’s easier to use, and you’ll grow familiar with it in no time at all
  • Bet on the go, in bars, and, even, at the game. Bet in the bathroom if that’s what you want! Your phone is your vessel to the world of sportsbook gambling, no matter where you are. So, take back control of your social life on game day evenings.
  • All the live scores, lines, stats, and metrics are all contained in one place – it couldn’t be easier to make bets
  • Betting on your mobile app is secure: you’re not having to log in to a random p.c. in the city, exposing your personal info
  • Check live score updates easily; most apps even allow you to set an alert for crucial field goals and all the big news on gameday – the app tells you when something of importance happens, leaving you free to focus on other things

How to Download an NBA Betting App?

Whether on Apple or Android, downloading a sportsbook app couldn’t be easier:

  1. Simply log in to your app store and select the sportsbook that you’d like to install 
  2. Click ‘yes’ if asked ‘are you sure you wish to proceed?’ (or something to that effect)
  3. Allow the app to download 
  4. Open the app and register yourself as a new user (pro-tip: get your passport ready to prove your I.D/ get your bank card ready to make a deposit 
  5. Take advantage of whatever free deals are on offer 
  6. Check the NBA spread and place your bets

That’s really all there is to it.

A Comparison of Betting Odds Found on the Best NBA Apps

Ultimately, the very best NBA betting app available to someone who is a regular to NBA betting might just be as simple as the app that tends to give the best odds the most regularly.

As a general rule of thumb, it tends to be the basketball apps that broadcast NBA Vegas odds who a) get their odds and lines up first, ahead of the chasing pack (BetMGM William Hill, etc.), and b) offer the best value overall, and – because of the rush to broadcast first – the wildest odds. It’s not totally uncommon for a Vegas branded sportsbook to misread the situation regarding a team or a player (in any sport), only to have to correct those odds at a later date once the big money begins pouring in from online gambling pros.

With all that said, oftentimes, the odds don’t differ too dramatically, as you’ll no doubt see in the table below:



Sportsbook Atlanta Hawks Milwaukee Bucks Phoenix Suns Los Angeles Clippers
BetUS +600 +300 -140 +650
Bovada +575 +320 -135 +650
Intertops +600 +300 -139 +650

As you can see, the three subjects of today’s Best NBA Betting Apps review all offer fairly similar odds.

Bovada provided slightly better odds on the Phoenix Suns and the Milwaukee Bucks to win the upcoming National Basketball Association finals. And, if you were thinking of throwing down a huge sum of money, we’d implore you to take those odds since it makes no sense to do the same thing and get paid less.

That said, Bovada also had the worst odds for the Hawks to win, and by some distance. So, it’s impossible to say, ‘Bovada’ is the best sportsbook. More common in the betting world is to hear things like, ‘Bovada has the best odds on the Bucks, or the Clippers NBA spread is great value on DraftKings, etc.

Best Betting Apps for College Basketball

If you’re more interested in Baylor than you are the Bulls, NBA betting apps such as MyBookie, BetUS, and Bet Online have all your NCAAB basketball betting needs covered.

The trio of aforementioned apps have futures available for the upcoming 2021-22 championships and, during the regular season, both sportsbooks provide NCAA live betting options to their users, and, as with the NBA, the prop market is deep and the odds tend to be highly competitive.

At the time of writing, the NCAAB season is done and dusted for a few more months. But BetUS was fast to market to post its futures for the upcoming 2021-22 college basketball season, lagging just slightly behind sportsbooks that run off Vegas odds.

Bovada and MyBookie are also top sportsbooks to visit if betting on NCAA basketball is something you enjoy. Like BetUS, the apps allow users to wager on futures, game days, and NCAAB live betting. The only big difference is that – at least with regards to the NCAAB futures market for 2022 – Bovada tends to broadcast marginally better odds and provides better bonuses overall.

At present, Intertops doesn’t feature NCAAB futures for the upcoming college season. The sportsbook does, however, have a futures market open for the upcoming women’s national basketball association (WNBA) season, as well as markets for the Olympics. The NCAA market will open on the app nearer the time we come to tip-off for the new 2021-2022 season.

Basketball Competitions Available for Betting on Each Site

















Best Betting Apps for European Basketball

The Bovada sportsbook has markets open for the EuroLeague of basketball. Bettors are able to place wagers on futures, game day, and live-in-play basketball games, and, having taken a quick peek ourselves, the Euro League betting odds appear very competitive when compared to other apps.

NBA Apps Best Promos & Rewards

Each of the apps listed offers bonuses and promos to bettors, particularly newcomers to the site.

These promotions and rewards can often be lucrative and, of course, they are designed to lure you in. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t accept such offers – do not bite the hand that feeds, as they say. Besides, there are plenty of gamblers out there who specialize in taking advantage of sportsbooks’ risk-free bets; it’s certainly not a bad NBA betting strategy, that’s for certain!

Best Promos and Rewards on the BetUS NBA Betting App

On top of being a great site for betting on basketball, BetUS is an equal heavyweight in the gambling industry when it comes to promos and rewards too, and the sportsbook serves up plenty of rewards via its BetUS loyalty program.

  • Bet US Loyalty Program – move up tiers to gain more rewards
  • $2500 deposit bonus
  • Black membership (unlimited free payouts)

Promos and Rewards on the Bovada NBA Betting App

Bovada currently offers a welcome bonus totaling 50% of your matched deposit bonus, up to $250 (if you deposit $20, Bovada will give you an extra $10 and so on). However, in the spirit of the NBA finals, this sports betting app is currently serving up a whopping $750 risk-free bet. Combine that with the usually very friendly Bovada NBA Vegas odds and things start to get very prosperous if only you can make the correct prediction!

  • 50% matched deposit welcome bonus for new users all year round
  • $750 risk-free bet for new signups ahead of the final game of the NBA Finals (July 22… if it lasts that long)

Promos and Rewards on the Intertops NBA Betting App

  • $50 Deposit bonus each time you top up the account
  • Referral bonus (50% each time five people sign up via your link)
  • 25% deposit bonus for new users

NBA Apps & Pocket Casinos?

Sportsbook betting and casino gambling often go hand in hand. If you like one, you tend to like the other. So, it’s also worth mentioning which of the best NBA betting apps also allow you to place money down on a game of blackjack, or give you a free spin at the slot machine every once in a while.

Each of the five basketball apps covered in today’s report doubles up as a casino, too.

Of the three, we feel that BetUS doubles up best as an online casino, and for two very good reasons. Firstly, it was the casino that seemed to have not only the largest variety of games but also the best looking. And, secondly, we just so happened to win more money at this casino than any other – yes, we are that fickle.

 Best NBA Betting Apps: Conclusion:

 We’ve done the research and shared with you a few of the best alternative offshore NBA sport apps available on the market.

Each of them is 100% safe to use and, because these sportsbooks are located offshore, they are available to use in most states. That is unless your home state is one of those to have outlawed sportsbook gambling altogether – always double-check!

Other than that, Gamble responsibly; never bet more than you can afford and, most of all, enjoy the sport first!

Join Bovada Sportsbook Online and get a $750 Matched Deposit Free Bet to use on the 2021 NBA Finals

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