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Motiejunas: “We never have problems”



Motiejunas said on the radio show “Basically I just say ‘Hello’ and ‘goodbye’ to them.

“They eat different food from me. They eat fast food.”

Motiejunas, however, said he actually does often dine with his teammates, including Howard and Harden.

“We never have problems,” Motiejunas said. “For example, last year Dwight invited me and other players to Thanksgiving dinner. James and Dwight bought us give us gifts for Christmas. We go to eat most of the all of the time. I talked with Dwight today. I talk to Dwight all the time. He said he understands. Me and Dwight, we communicate pretty good in the locker room. I never had a problem.

“We hang out all the time. I never got in a fight with anyone. I never got in a word fight with anyone. That’s not nice to take that radio speech like that. I spent like 30 minutes with them. We laughed for 25 minutes. You cannot take it as a serious interview. It doesn’t make any sense.”

via Jonathan Feigen – Ultimate Rockets Blog.

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