76ers and Clippers Re-Engage James Harden Talks

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Along with Damian Lillard, James Harden has been just as adamant about wanting out of his current situation this offseason. The Philadelphia 76ers reportedly were in talks with the Los Angeles Clippers earlier this summer, but they could not come to a middle ground. However, after taking a break, the two sides are reportedly ready to resume talks centered around the former MVP per Shams Charania. Harden has been wanting to return to his hometown for awhile and a healthy Clippers team is enticing considering they are title contenders when Paul George and Kawhi Leonard are both on the floor.

Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Clippers Resume James Harden Trade Talks 

Could a Third Team Get Involved? 

The Clippers have made it known they are not willing to part with any young talent, such as Terrance Mann. With that in mind, a third team could get involved. Remember, the 76ers are possibly trading a former MVP and assists champion. They are going to make sure they get a solid return for his services.

As for the Clippers, they have some leverage considering Harden is not getting any younger. Multi-team trades always take time to facilitate. However, if these two sides want to come to an agreement, then it may become a necessity in these trade talks. Teams like the Brooklyn Nets or the New York Knicks could be potential third-team candidates.

Would James Harden Fit With the Los Angeles Clippers? 

Another question that arises from this situation is whether James Harden would fit with the Los Angeles Clippers? They are bringing back his long-time friend, Russell Westbrook, and it is his hometown. Westbrook and Harden are already familiar with each other from there time in Oklahoma City and Houston. Not to mention, both Paul George and Kawhi Leonard are both forwards. On paper, it looks to be a great fit.

However, one can argue James Harden’s best days are behind him and that the Clippers would be mortgaging their future for an aging star. Also, just because a team has a big-three on paper, it never guarantees a championship. Especially in a Western Conference with the likes of the Denver Nuggets, Sacramento Kings, Golden State Warriors, and Los Angeles Lakers. Regardless, James Harden teaming up with the Los Angeles Clippers would shake up not just the Western Conference, but also the whole NBA.

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