Heat legend Dwyane Wade thinks he could be considered the GOAT if he hadn’t suffered so many injuries

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In a recent interview with Shannon Sharpe, former NBA star Dwayne Wade said that he could still be competing in the league if it wasn’t for the numerous injuries he suffered during his time as a professional. However, he didn’t stop there, as he added he feels he would be considered one of the greatest players of all time if he’d always been healthy. 

The sport analyst from “Undisputed” was the one who opened the door to this conversation, as he asked the Heat legend where he thought he would be today without sustaining three knee injuries throughout his career.

“You doing your G.O.A.T. conversation with me,” Wade first said to Sharpe. “… Like I said, we talking about ifs. You take away the injuries away, I’m still playing basketball right now if I want to, right? Because it’s the injuries and everything and the mental, right?

“But if I’m healthy enough — you gotta understand something about my game, multiple ways, right? I played the game multiple ways, so even right now, as I got older, I had another game that still was effective as an old player.”

Take a look at Wade’s full interview during this Tuesday’s episode of Shannon’s “Club Shaq Shaq” show:

You could tell that the former athlete’s eyes were full of nostalgia when he thought of the possibility of having his 16-season career without enduring injuries.

“So in my mind, you mothaf—— right. I was one of them dudes. You couldn’t tell me in ’06, ’07, ’08 that I wasn’t going on to where I wanted to go, right? Why not? The league is not hard for me,” he assured. “I’m averaging 30 a game in the NBA.”

Back in the 2003 NBA Draft, Wade was the No. 5 overall pick and played his first 13 campaigns for the Heat, conquering three titles during this spell (2006, 2012 and 2013). The Miami superstar was the MVP of the 2006 NBA Finals and recieved 13 All-Star selections during his career.

Wade also mentioned that LeBron’s latest foot injury was a blessing in disguise for the Lakers this season

Following the same conversation about team and player’s potential if injuries would’ve not happened, Sharpe asked Wade if he believed that the Lakers could’ve beaten the Nuggets in the Western Conference’s Finals if LeBron James hadn’t suffered a foot injury during the end of regular season.

“I think the outcome is different between the Lakers,” the Miami legend responded. “With him getting that time away, actually we got a chance to see them grow as a team outside of LeBron. We got to see A.D. (Anthony Davis) grow at that level. Obviously, when he on the floor, we was like, ‘Top five player in the league.’ We got a chance to see what the D-Lo (D’Angelo Russell) can bring and what Austin Reaves can bring.”

Wade believes that the injury actually helped the Los Angeles squad realize that they could also be strong without their main superstar.

“The best thing to happen to the Lakers was LeBron’s absence because it allowed them to not have to depend on him, right? Because when you got a great player, you depend on that great player. And so they have the rock, and they have something to play for in the middle of that. And so I think it was great for the Lakers,” he assured.