Dallas’ Kyrie Irving could have a shoe deal signed with Adidas in the near future

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Kyrie Irving Mavs pic

This past season, Kyrie Irving shared an Anti-Semitic film link on his social media account. This caused an uproar in the NBA. The superstar PG was suspended eight games in a row by the NBA, but that wasn’t all. Irving would also lose his shoe deal with Nike, but he’s not having difficulty finding a new suitor. According to league sources, Adidas is showing interest in making Kyrie their next signature athlete. 

Adidas is not the only sneaker brand in the running for Irving. Puma has also been involved in negotiations with Kyrie. He had one of the most successful sneakers of the last decade with Nike. Reports say he was paid $11 million per year by Nike from 2014-2023.

During a recent Instagram live video, Irving shared that he will be announcing who’s he signing with very soon. The eight-time all-star still has millions of fans around the world who will continue to support him. He has loyal fans that will still buy his product regardless of the company that he signs with.

Will Adidas be lucky enough to sign another superstar like Kyrie Irving?

Kyrie Irving’s deal with Nike was on the verge of expiring and his incident made it that much easier for them to cut ties. Both parties mutually agreed to part ways and Irving has been a sneaker free-agent ever since. He still wore his Nike signature shoe all season long but had creative ways to cover the Nike swoosh each time.

Basketball fans have been vocal since the news of Irving possibly signing with Adidas. many are saying Nike “fumbled the bag”, meaning they made the wrong choice in letting Kyrie go. Nobody knows the full behind-the-scenes details of what really happened between the two parties.

Adidad already has some high-profile NBA players signed. James Harden, Damian Lillard, and Derick Rose all have signature shoes with three Adidas. Adding Irving to their roster of athletes would be huge for their company moving forward. Millions of his fans are waiting to buy his next signature shoe.