High-Performance Mindfulness: Probability’s Role On The Court

Jake Rauchbach breaks down the role probability plays in player improvement.

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Commodity Trading Probability

Nothing in life, trading or on-court performance improvement, is guaranteed. There are no predetermined outcomes. However, there is something called probability for success.

Commodity brokers who trade Crude Oil and Natural Gas futures contracts employ results-based, research-oriented, systematic processes for executing trades. When multiple buy-signal indicators go green, a trader’s conviction for going long, or purchasing a commodity future is strengthened.

The commodity trader makes disciplined and prudent decisions based on risk parameters and historical inputs by deploying a calculated trading algorithm and program. As buy-in indicators flash green, the trader’s resolve for entering the market on a successful trade increases.

In this way, the confidence and probability for executing successful trades based upon previous historical price action (performance) increases.

Player Development Probability

For the player improving on-court statistical performance, a similar dynamic is at play. Instead of lining up favorable trading probabilities via algorithmic indicators, the player can influence improvement possibilities upwards through layering an integrated player development methodology into a systematic process.

The Levels To This & How They Affect Probability

The deeper and more consistent the work is, the higher the probability is for success. Meaning, the more a player can dive into addressing mental focus and confidence – combined with systematic on-court skill development – the greater the potential for improvement is.

For example: Employing on-court skill-development without addressing the mind of the player is often like throwing darts against the wall. Although a player may be expanding his or her skill-development skill sets during practice, they may not be able to translate all of this improvement to the game.

Increasing Probability

The more comprehensive an Integrated Player Development model is, the greater the probability is to move the dial in on-court performance for the player.

The Physical Level On-court skill work is a must. On-court programs that specialize in moving the dial-in performance for players is key. It should be part of any player’s overall preparation process. Customizing drills that seek to develop the players on multiple levels is a best practice way for optimizing a player’s game.

The Mental Level Employing routines and off-court tutorials for properly doing this is key. From here, the player may begin to own their own preparation process.

If you do not adequately address this level of the player, good luck sustaining longer-term sustainable performance improvement.

The Integration Component Integrating this work so that it is customized, systematic and specific to each player is vital. Doing so in a collaborative manner, with working parameters that support the working relationship between the player and the Integrated Player Development coach, is also vital to further improving the probability of success. More on this is shown below.

Similar to commodity traders lining up the highest probable trade, organizational decision-makers who deliberately align and address multiple levels of the player all at once are likely the odds-on favorites to sustainably unlock on-court improvement for their players.

Appropriate Working Parameters Increases Improvement Probability

The other element that greatly influences performance probabilities is how the working relationship between the Integrated Player Development Coach and the player is structured. Working parameters and access are key, and proper implementation has been shown to support the progression of a player. There are several components to this. Let’s break down each.

Access The more access the integrated player development resource has with the player, the higher the potential for improvement is. In any type of coaching, it is important to be consistently available in order to provide the necessary support.

Systematic The consistency with which the player employs the High-Performance Process and inherent techniques is vital. Both the player and the coach must be diligent in their efforts to get work done on a scheduled and periodic basis. Systemizing the workflow helps to also boost improvement probability.

Authority Establishing a clear chain of command from an integrated player development resource directly to the decision-maker(s) helps the player, coaching staff and resource have a clear understanding of working parameters.

For the player and integrated player development coach to work most effectively, their working process must be supported and valued, particularly from the top-down. Any undermining of said work can reduce the probability of improvement, as it can break the rapport, credibility and system. The integrated player development coach and player need to have a certain level of autonomy within the working arrangement so that they can effectively get the work done required to make positive shifts.

Credibility Embedding the coaching resource on the coaching staff is one of the fastest ways to provide credibility in the eyes of the player. Positioning the resource as a basketball coach first reduces resistance, allowing for work to get it done more efficiently.

Clear and autonomous working parameters for the player and the integrated player development resource is important. Structuring the working process so that systems, authority, credibility and are prioritized goes a long way in tilting the odds in favor of successfully facilitating on-court statistical improvement.


Traders build and employ probability-friendly algorithms that provide clarity as to when to buy up-trending commodities. There are very specific rules and boundaries in place to produce results.

Like these commodity traders who boost the odds for probability, decision-makers who implement systematically-based integrated player development processes, including the above-mentioned components will be enhancing their probability for success.

The SMART MONEY will be on the organizations that take the more expansive and comprehensive approach to the player development model.

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