Luka Doncic Shows Off New Physique in Recent Photo

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The Dallas Mavericks had a Dissappointg 2024 and they’re looking to their star PG to right the ship

Luka Doncic, the star point guard of the Dallas Mavericks a potential future face of the NBA, has recently showcased a change in his physique in a new photo. As the 2023 NBA offseason is filled with rumors and speculations about superstars, it is also a crucial time for players to focus on getting in top shape for the upcoming season. And Luka clearly knows he needed to get to work.

Luka has Been Working

The Mavericks had a challenging campaign in the 2022-23 season and are determined to bounce back and contend for the championship next year. Many thought they were contenders this year, especially after acquiring Kyrie Irving, but it never materialized.  Luka Doncic understands the team’s potential and expectations and is clearly putting in the necessary work to improve his fitness and be in optimal condition when the new season begins.

Doncic shared a picture of himself appearing leaner, signaling his commitment to enhancing his physicality. Since entering the NBA in 2018, the Mavericks guard has faced criticism regarding his physique. While he has been known to enjoy parties and engage in activities that some other stars might avoid, it appears that Doncic has taken note of the feedback and aims to be in better shape for the upcoming NBA season.

A Disappointing 2023 in Dallas

After a turbulent season with more lows than highs, Doncic is off to a promising start for the upcoming season. The team is currently focused on re-signing Kyrie Irving during the summer and building a strong roster around Doncic. Improving their defense will be a key factor in the Mavericks becoming a formidable threat in the Western Conference.

Additionally, Doncic will represent his national team in the upcoming FIBA World Cup, which may be another motivating factor for his commitment to taking care of his body.

The Mavericks organization appreciates Doncic’s dedication as they aim to surround him with the best-supporting pieces. With Doncic’s improved physique and the team’s efforts to address defensive issues, they have the potential to make a significant impact in the competitive Western Conference.