NBA Daily: What Should The Cavs Do With Kevin Love?

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In the wake of LeBron James leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for the second time in eight years, the Cavaliers are left wondering what they should next.

Should they compete for playoffs next year, or rebuild and plan for the future?

The Cavs are stuck in the middle of trying to decide if they want to keep their star player in Kevin Love, or trade him to the highest bidder. The market for Love is pretty unknown right now, but one would think the Cavs would want young players and picks in exchange for Love, who has been a crucial part of their run to four straight Finals appearances.

With all that Love has done for the Cavs in the past four years, the Cavs should do what it is right and trade him somewhere; specifically, to a playoff contender so he does not have to go through a rebuild.

Which playoff contending teams make sense in trying to acquire Love?

Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Utah.

Why these teams? They all have young players and picks the Cavs should be interested in.

Why do the Sixers and Cavs make sense as trading partners?

The Sixers are regarded as one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference, and their road to the Eastern Conference Finals and possibly the Finals are now easier too. Love gives the Sixers a stretch four they have not had before. He would create so much more space on the court for Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid and others. A core of Simmons-Love-Embiid is a great one to build around. For the Cavs, the Sixers have a lot of picks and young talent the Cavs would want in a trade. For starters, the Cavs can build a package around Dario Saric, Zhaire Smith and Jerryd Bayless. The Cavs can also try to get a couple of second round picks in a deal, or the 2021 Miami’s first round pick that is unprotected.

Why do the Bucks and Cavs make sense as trading partners?

The Bucks are also regarded as one another top team in the Eastern Conference, but they also need another star to pair with the Greek Freak. This move would show Giannis Antetokounmpo they are serious about winning now and this move could help guide the franchise to the next step they want to be in. As for the Cavs, the Bucks have several young players and future picks. One of those young pieces is Thon Maker. Another young piece is Jabari Parker, if the Cavs can figure out a way to do a sign-and-trade. If they can’t execute a trade for Parker, the Cavs would probably love a package of Maker, Malcolm Brogdon, D.J. Wilson and then contract fillers, such as either John Henson or Matthew Dellavedova. The latest first round pick the Bucks can trade is in 2021.

Why do the Jazz and Cavs make sense as trading partners?

By acquiring Love, the Jazz haven’t seen a stretch four of his caliber since Carlos Boozer and Paul Millsap. This move by the Jazz will also show their young budding star in Donovan Mitchell and their fans that they are serious about contending. For the Cavs, the Jazz have a collection of picks and young talent to acquire they help in their rebuild. A package the Cavs should look to get from the Jazz is a package of Derrick Favors (he will be eligible to trade on December 15), Dante Exum (will be eligible to trade on December 15), Tony Bradley and then possible contract fillers in Alec Burks or Joe Ingles. However, the Jazz may need to find a third team in a deal like this.

Each of these teams make sense for Love, and Love will help each of these teams.

The question is, are the Cavaliers ready to move on from Love? We are going to find out.