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NBA Hall Of Famer Shaquille O’Neal Is Receiving Backlash After Offensive Add

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Former NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is receiving major backlash for being offensive to Aussies in a new gambling add. He’s known for his wide range of adds he’s been in through the years, but this one stood out. 

Shaq is well known all around the world with millions of fans. He’s regarded as one of the greatest players in NBA history and he has the accolades to prove it.

O’Neal is a polarizing figure and that’s why he’s had so many advertisement deals in the past. This time though, he may have found himself in tricky situation.

One Australian viewer had a comment when they saw their culture being portrayed in a negative light.

“I’m an Aussie too, and I don’t identify as a yobbos lous like these characters are portrayed.”… “It’s offensive to me as an Australian to see my culture (put) down like this.” – anonymous add viewer

The controversial add was put out by the Australian sportsbook, PointsBet and they are defending the add they made.

“Australia, people, and place is known throughout the world to be uniquely different.”… “This uniqueness is a positive trait that extends to our vernacular, places, animals and more. It is a place like no other with it’s own peculiar take on the English language and sport. In reality, it is common that person’s not familiar Australiana struggle to understand our colloquialisms, mannerisms, and the like.”- PointsBet’s statement defending their controversial add.

From an outsider’s perspective this add can certainly seem controversial. PointsBet claims that Australians have their “own peculiar take on the English language.” What about the outsiders perspective who doesn’t understand their culture? It seems as if they may have forgotten to take that into account when filming the add. If someone who’s native of Australia fins the add controversial, that’s about all that needs to be said.