NBA insider assures that Jordan Poole is not actively being shopped by the Warriors but it ‘doesn’t mean’ he’s safe

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According to The Athletic’s Anthony Slater, who usually works as an insider for Golden State‘s news, has made sure that the team’s front office is giving Jordan Poole a vow of confidence for next season, as he guarantees they aren’t actively shopping the young star. 

The Warriors have their feet deep into a salary conflict this offseason, as many of their core stars who’ve brought in four NBA championships share costly wages. However, it seems the team has no plans for a dump trade that would cut the bill.

“That doesn’t mean Poole is safe,” Slater explained. “That doesn’t mean anyone besides Stephen Curry is safe. The Warriors intend to explore various avenues to restructure the roster this summer, both small and large in scope.”

The reporter explained that this doesn’t exclude the possibility of considering to use the 23-year-old as part of a package trade.

“That could mean Poole is part of a trade if the return package appeals,” he wrote. “But Poole is not actively being shopped, there is no edict to cut salary and his side has been given no current indication that his future will be elsewhere. … But the new restrictive CBA penalties above the second tax apron don’t kick in until the following season, when Klay Thompson’s $43 million comes off the books.”

Slater claims that this will buy Golden State some time as they gradually earn more clarity over their financial situation.

“That gives the Warriors time and an extra layer of flexibility as they figure out how best to remain competitive without handcuffing their future,” he expressed. “Lacob’s appetite to win only seems like it has been ignited more by Myers’ departure. Sources indicate that there is no plan for a salary dump trade this summer that’s purely about cutting the bill.”

Take a look at other NBA stars discuss the rising star’s future in San Francisco on Paul George’s “Podcast P”:

Last October, Poole signed a four-year, $128 million extension with the Bay Area franchise that kicks in next season. Even though the Michigan native averaged a career-high 20.4 points this campaign, many criticized him for missing important shots during the NBA Playoffs.

Jeff Van Gundy recently took surprising shot at Stephen Curry and how the superstar is percieved by both fans and media

As fans and analysts over-speculated over Jimmy Butler reportedly battling through an ankle injury in the championship series, the Miami star was the first to assure that the Heat lost and there was no space for excuses.

ESPN broadcaster Jeff Van Gundy shared his take on the matter, using Golden State star Steph Curry as reference to how the media coverage is different for him when discussing over player’s injuries.

“It’s just so funny to me in the media how certain guys, when they play well, are cut slack for whatever issues may have occurred and other guys don’t get slack cut to them,” he said.

“Like when Steph Curry was in the Finals, every time he missed a shot it was because of his ankle and every time he made a shot it was heroic for overcoming [his] ankle,” Van Gundy expressed. “To me, if you’re out there, you’re healthy enough. And you should be judged on your performance.”