Legend Kevin Garnett announces STR33T, a 3×3 streetball league ‘tailormade for digital consumption’


Kevin Garnett is at it again, but the time it’s not just his charismatic himself making it in a successful media career, he’s actually invested in a new basketball league that he expects to change the way fans view the sport. The NBA legend announced he’s set to launch “STR33T”, a new 3×3 pro street ball league that should start in early 2024. 

To bring this project to life, the former Wolves icon brought in his sports venture project, Big Ticket Sports, and partnered it with Pro League Network. The competition is a four-week-long tournament for men, women, and even co-ed teams that will participate for season-long prize pools.

“HoopItUp is the leader in 3×3 and I’m excited to work with the PLN team to create a professional series with STR33T that gives the incredible 3×3 players a major platform to show what they can do to fans across the country,” Garnett shared.

Take a look at the video above to witness STR33T’s trailer released just yesterday through their YouTube account.

According to George Daniel, who is the CEO of both Big Ticket Sports and HoopItUp, they decided to join Pro League Network to create engaging sport events that will inspire wagering activities, making it more appealing.

One of their main purposes is to create a system that will provide almost instant access to information, so bettors be able to see the results quickly, unlike wagering in other major professional sports.

“With the average 3×3 basketball game taking less than 20 minutes, we believe STR33T is tailormade for digital consumption and sports betting. We are thrilled to be collaborating with Bill, Mike and the PLN team on this dynamic venture,” Daniel explained.

STR33T will inevitably become the rival competition to Ice Cube’s BIG3, but there are some important differences between the platforms

Yes, it’s hard not to think about Ice Cube’s BIG3 league, as the comparison are almost impossible to ignore. However, there are many differences between both tournaments.

For example, STR33T will play under FIBA 3×3 regulations, a similar intention to what we witnessed before the Tokyo Olympic Games, where the U.S. women’s team took home the gold with WNBA players like Jackie Young.

Also, Garnett’s league will not enlist former NBA players, but will mostly depend on 3×3 specialists who are looking to become stars in this organic street sport.

Pro League Network co-founders Bill Yucatonis and Mike Salvaris attended the press and shared the excitement for producing a competition which really brings out the raw energy of streetball.

“The fast-paced 3×3 games along with the raw and organic energy of streetball is going to be so exciting for these co-ed professional ballers,” they both told the press. “And to build it with an NBA legend and leader like KG is at a whole other level.”