Out Of Bounds

Out of Bounds: 25th Anniversary Of “The Shot”

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Hilarious Clip of the Night


There really is no going back after he danced on you, and your teammates laughed harder than the folks in the stands.

Dunk Cam of the Night


It’s difficult to determine why this guys jumped…but needless to say, he did it for the vine.

Anniversaries of the Night



Tonight marks the 25-year anniversary of Jordan’s shot over Craig Ehlo at the free throw line. Notice how MJ isn’t fazed by them going up with three seconds left. Ice water doesn’t even begin to describe the fluid that pumped through Jordan’s veins.


This also happens to be the 20-year anniversary of the 8th-seeded Nuggets coming back from an 0-2 deficit while knocking the top-seeded Seattle SuperSonics as well.

Photos of the Night


Speaking of the Sonics, apparently there’s a station up in Seattle that still refuses to refer to the Thunder as anything other than this.


Kudos to Carlos Boozer for bringing some attention to a situation that absolutely should be on the conscience of anyone that cares for the well-being of others. 276 kidnapped schoolgirls being held captive  is definitely a worthy cause.

NBA Cares Moments of the Night



Good to see members of the Knicks and Cavs still reaching out to the community and interacting with the fans. Especially ones battling some pretty tough situations.

Video of the Night


Turkish Airlines partnered up with EuroLeague stars to make this awesome trick-shot happen. They had us at jet-pack.

Prep Baller of the Night

D’Jery Baptiste is a 7′, 250-pound high school player out of Prestonwood Christian Academy in Texas. Skills are raw, but this young man is an absolute physical specimen. We can only hope the right college coach can get his hands on Baptiste.