Out Of Bounds

Out Of Bounds: The Truth Scores 25K

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The Silly, Funny Video of the Night

Somehow, it feels alright to laugh at/with Dikembe. Not only does he have a great sense of humor about it, but let’s face it…the man really does have a funny voice.

Team “Did You Know?” of the Night


A lot of teams are doing this for players, and it is good to see the Los Angeles Clippers acknowledging the season DeAndre Jordan put up for them in 2013-14. Likely to be a candidate for DPOY, but some of us also think he should be in consideration for Most Improved as well.

Milestone of the Night


Congrats to Paul “The Truth” Pierce on joining teammate Kevin Garnett, Dirk Nowitzki and Kobe Bryant as the only active players with 25,ooo (or more) points.

Bonus Team “Did You Know?”of the Night


Just in case you weren’t aware of some of the accolades and accomplishments the Lakers have had throughout recently-extended GM Mitch Kupchak’s tenure, they made certain to break it down for you. Not a bad strategy when you are attempting to reestablish the general narrative about you.

Crossovers of the Night

We couldn’t go without showing that nasty Andre Iguodala crossover from last night.

Dunk Mix of the Night


Anytime you match the Clippers against the Thunder there is almost certain to be a highlight reel to follow. Last night’s battle was no exception.