NBA Rumors Chat With Steve Kyler 10/18/2016

Steve_Kyler_Chat_InsidersBasketball Insiders Publisher Steve Kyler will hold his weekly chat at 2:00pm EST on Tuesday. Drop in your questions regarding NBA trades, the NBA Draft, roster moves or questions about your team.

  1. Harry prince

    Sixers need a scoring wing please tell me theirs one available. I don’t See oh as a issue more of the defense is setting and their don’t fear the perimeter

    • Steve Kyler

      Welcome in everyone, sorry to have left you wanting for so many weeks. As some of you may know I also play a pretty big business role with Insiders, so we have been working on a deal for several months and frankly it has left me drained on many levels. With our deal out of the way, I am back in the saddle and ready to play. So with that in mind, lots of questions in the bucket, so let’s get after them.

      At this point, anything available is not going to change the team. Take the Tony Snell deal for example. Tony is a good player, but does he change anything? Maybe, maybe not.

      In December, the bulk of the free agents signed in the off-season become trade eligible and that means more guys are movable, that really when someone who matters might become available.

      Keep in mind the 76ers don’t really know what they have yet, so there is no urgency to make more change unless it’s the right kind of change.

  2. Chris

    It looks like Kenneth Faried is going to lose his starting spot to Jusuf Nurkic for some reason. Do you see the Manimal getting traded soon? Do you think he grows frustrated due to his new role? Do you think the Nurkic-Jokic front court is going to be effective?

    • Steve Kyler

      I wrote about that this morning. Everyone in the equation is saying the right things but if Kenneth sits more than he plays it will become a problem. The other part is what does another team offer for him if Denver moves him to the bench.

      I don’t think one guy starting absolutely means the other guy goes, but let’s be real. Faried been mentioned in trade for a few years, it’s just a matter of time before Denver finds a deal they’d do.

  3. Brian Kutza

    What do you think it would take for the Suns to listen to offers for the 2018 Miami Heat protected 1st round pick?

    • Steve Kyler

      What the pick worth? What is the pick? There is not a lot of value in a future protected pick, mainly because you do not know what you are really trading for. It’s the magic beans theory, could turn into something great or it could be nothing.

      Teams do not like uncertainty and usually won’t trade anything for it.

  4. Bo

    Long time no chat, nice to see you back, Steve!
    Ben pleaded the 5th on these but I guess I’ll keep trying my luck so… Clinton or Trump?
    Okay, if you don’t want to answer that one, I’m curious, have you ever heard any “locker room talk” like what we heard? Either in the locker room or a bus like the video?
    Be as specific (*crossing fingers*) as you like.

    • Steve Kyler

      Along time ago we learned the hard way there are three no-win topics: Race, Religion and Politics. Our guys have been asked to avoid those at all costs as no-one ever wins when you touch them.

      As for your specific question of have I heard explicit “locker room talk” – yes. Would I ever name names, or repeat it? never.

  5. Chris

    Hi Steve,

    The Wizards’ fanbase mostly hates EVERY move Ernie Grunfeld makes. I want to ask you about one recent move – signing Andrew Nicholson. I would imagine that you are very familiar with his game as you’ve had so much exposure to the Magic.

    My thought is that the Magic failed to find suitable systems/roles for a bunch of players who then underperformed – like Harkless and Harris who have played great elsewhere and Oladipo and Nicholson who I hope will blossom with their new teams.

    So what do you expect from Nicholson in DC? What would be the best way to utilize him and what should Wizards fans be anticipating from him?

    • Steve Kyler

      I do not disagree with the assessment of the Magic…

      Andrew is a role player. He’ll come off the bench and give you points and a few rebounds, but he’s not changing the game on a nightly basis, that’s just not who he is at this level.

      He’s a great guy and super smart, but he’s a role player that gives a good game once every 5 or 6 games.

  6. Chris

    I have a second Wizards question, Steve.

    It seems like a year ago, Scott Brooks was fired in Oklahoma because he simply wasn’t able to coach Durant and Westbrook to a championship. The conventional wisdom appeared to be that Brooks didn’t have an imaginative enough offense to take advantage of two potential Hall of Fame players on the roster. That is, in part, why many Wizards fans were only lukewarm about his hiring.

    BUT, what if the two immense talents PREVENTED Brooks from implementing a more dynamic offense? Maybe the problem wasn’t Brooks (or Donovan) — maybe it was that Durant and Westbrook just didn’t fit as well together as everyone would expect. Durant seems to have been hinting at that recently. But many Wizards fans have taken the view “how good could he be if he couldn’t win with those 2 guys?”

    SO what do you expect from Brooks in DC where the #1 team star, John Wall is extremely coachable and Beal and the rest of the players seem to be as well? Do you think that Brooks could catapult the Wizards in the way that Budenholzer, Clifford and Stevens have propelled the Hawks, Hornets, and Celtics?

    • Steve Kyler

      First, Brooks was not fired because of Durant and Westbrook. It was time to do a new deal and the Thunder were not sold Brooks was their guy enough to lock into four more years at the kind of money his camp was seeking.

      The offense played a role, but this was Presti thinking forward. If you could lose Durant and ultimately Westbrook, could you rebuild around Brooks and the answer was No.

      However, you could rebuild around Billy Donovan (who wasn’t that much more creative than Brooks) and that’s why they picked Billy versus someone else. If you are losing your stars get a personality coach like Donovan to help rebuild and recruit.

      As for Washington. I like the fit a lot. I think he’s the right demeanor for those guys. I think John is buying in and Brooks is a very likely and functional coach. Are they winning a championship? Doubtful, but they’ll be more consistent and then it’s up to the players to blossom.

  7. Chip

    Harkless got paid. CJ got paid. ML got paid. Crabbe gets paid. Turner gets brought in. Payroll through the roof. Flexibility shot to hell. Wing options for days. Does Plumlee get paid? Who goes? When?

    • Steve Kyler

      Spoke to the agents of a couple of those guys and while they were happy their guys got paid almost all of those deals are tradable money and they don’t believe their guys are there long-term. The Blazers had cash to spend and spent it and now they have bigger dollar trade chips if they don’t ultimately like the fit or the duplication.

      As for when? Not like there is a date circled on the wall. Time will tell what and who works and fits, then duplication gets explored after that.

      Better to have more tools in the tool box than not enough.

  8. Elizabeth Bowers

    Will the Pistons make a trade for a PG? I hope not.

    • Steve Kyler

      Does not seem like they are looking for it. If they did something it would be small – a fill the gaps kind of move. I think they seem to be OK with Ish Smith and Ray McCallum holding things down until Reggie gets back. They were not in on Michael Carter-Williams. If a real guy hit the market maybe, but they seem to be holding the course.

  9. JimInCyberSpace


    What do you think ultimately happens in the Bosh/HEAT drama?

    I think Chris should retire…it looks like a serious health situation. Miami clearly thinks so. But Chris seems to be hellbent on playing in the NBA again, somewhere?

    • Steve Kyler

      If he retires on his own, he leaves cash on the table. He has to wait and let Miami make the call after February. If they waive him for medical reasons he gets all his money and they get cap relief. Can’t happen any other way.

      Some have suggested a buyout, but even that hurts Miami because Bosh’s deal is insured. If they did a buyout Miami would be paying that money. If he is waived, insurance pays that money.

      As for Bosh himself, the problem with his condition is he does feel anything. It’s not like a sore knee that he’s battling through. He feels great. He feels like he can play. The problem is no NBA team clears him while he’s on blood thinners, especially the one he is on. Google Xarelto side effects, its scary stuff.

      If Bosh can ever safely get off the blood thinners he’s physically in great shape.

      It hard to give up something you love and that defines you, when you don’t feel like you need to.

  10. JimInCyberSpace


    The ‘Logo’ seems to think KD’s going to GS was an early Christmas present. Maybe for Dub fans, but for NBA fans KD eliminated the Dub’s biggest challenge in the WC in one swift swoop?

    Your and my buddy Stephen A. says KD has ruined the regular season? Fair assessment in many ways.

    But…the Dub’s remain only one key injury away from NBA mortal status, right?

    • Steve Kyler

      I don’t agree with the Warriors killing the regular season because they only play 82 games. There are 29 other teams that will have their own seasons too. Those seasons will have their own drama and narrative to follow.

      I would also remind everyone penciling the Warriors into the Finals, that super teams have not fared well in the first year. I think Golden State gets there, but they have a lot of things to work out over their 82 games.

  11. Gabor

    Hey Steve! Do you think the Bucks will trade Monroe before the season starts?

    • Steve Kyler

      The season starts in 7 days… so doubtful. But he is a name to watch, the problem with trading him is he won’t return very much because of how his contract is structured.

  12. Lucija Ivandić

    will rudez be sticking with magic this season? Do you think he will crack rotation in the begining of the season or he will have to wait injuries?

    • Steve Kyler

      Sticking? Seems like it, Magic did some roster trims this week and they stand at 16 guys and Rudez has some history with Vogel, so we’ll see.

      As for rotation, that might be a little bit of a reach. He has played about 14 minutes a game in pre-season, so it’s possible, but when you consider: D.J. Augustin, Bismack Biyombo, Evan Fournier, Aaron Gordon, Jeff Green, Mario Hezonja, Serge Ibaka, Elfrid Payton and Nikola Vucevic give you the likely nine guys Vogel leans on regularly, Rudy is not likely in that mix and most coaches don’t go 10 guys deep.

  13. John Marsh

    Does the uniquely special nature of living in the Bay Area in some way inform how the baseketball operation and team actually operate?

    • Steve Kyler

      Not really. The Warriors went almost a decade being awful so not sure location is the secret sauce. The Warriors have become special because of who they have on the roster, sort of like when Steve Nash was with the Suns. A great group of team players can make anywhere special.

  14. BeeMqgic

    Hi Steve, glad you are back in the chat saddle.

    I read you carefully trusting your Magic assessments over the years. I think you are underestimating their possibility of succeeding this year. I think they are a match for any East team outside of Cleveland who they always seem to spot 20 points in the first quarter. Yes it will take some time for it to work though I believe the improved coaching and the expanded roles for Ibaka, Biyumbo and Green will help drive the young players. Vucevic will likely struggle the most especially early on in his diminished role at center and may be moved if needed. Fournier looks the part tho Gordon and Payton need to still find themselves. Their bench looks solid with better 3 point shooters this year like Meeks, Rudez, Augustine. They now have the veterans to finish games. I see a lot of parity in the East other than the Cavs. After finally seeing their starters in a few pre-season games do you feel any differently about their chances?


    • Steve Kyler

      Not yet. There was little doubt the Magic traded youth for veterans, we’ll see how that looks when its vets against vets. This was an all-in move for the magic, so we’ll see how it works. They will be better, but as I have said a few times – like last year, I think we’ll see the East bunch up with 6 teams within 2 games of each other for the final 4 chairs in the East. That means Orlando could win 40 games and not make the dance. That would be an improvement for sure.

  15. Terry from Jacksonville, FL

    3 Magic Questions:
    1. Are you surprised by how well Serge Ibaka has looked in pre season?
    2. Do you personally feel the Magic can make the playoffs this year?
    3. Do you foresee another major trade this year for the Magic this year? (i.e. Vuc, Payton, AG, Mario…etc)

    • Steve Kyler

      Are you surprised by how well Serge Ibaka has looked in pre-season?
      – Not really. I have seen how hard Serge works, and I think we’ve seen he has this kind of ability in spurts in OKC, so not surprised. I want to see if its sustained. The knee is my biggest concern, how many guys start the pre-season with a knee that just goes away during the regular season.

      Do you personally feel the Magic can make the playoffs this year?
      – Maybe. Like I just said. I think they have the chance to be in the hunt, but there are a lot of teams with All-Star level guys that will be right there too. They need someone to really break out this year.

      Do you foresee another major trade this year for the Magic this year? (i.e. Vuc, Payton, AG, Mario…etc)
      – I asked that question recently and the Magic are not looking, but they have always been opportunistic. They are known around the league as a fair team to call if you want to make a move and they are not tough to work with, so they’ll be in the mix if something comes there way. They don’t have an All-Star so that means they have to keep exploring options.

  16. Terry from Jacksonville,FL

    Another question (if time permits). Do you see Houston and the Run and Gun system of Mike D working better with Harden at point than it did with Nash? (possible WCF or championship)

    • Steve Kyler

      I like the fit a lot. If your best player does not want to defend, then play high tempo offense. So far its looked pretty good. I think the league is more suited for that style of play and I think the personnel in Houston fit a little better around Harden. Not ready to call the WCF, but I think Houston could be good enough for the post-season. How deep depends on how much they grow together.

  17. Ray

    Hi Steve, I’m bucking the trend and feel pretty optimistic about the Magic’s offseason. However I’m concerned with Gordon being any more then a role player (Sean Marion lite) with high turnovers and below average shooting pct as well as Mario just being an acceptable floor spreader, but that’s about it. Your thoughts? That’s not too good for a #4 and #5 pick. Tell me it’s too early for that assessment ? What trade deadline move do you think we may look at?

    • Steve Kyler

      I am not sure I ready to buy into your read on two 21-year old’s with less than two full years of experience. Both have played support roles this far and both are not focal point guys yet. When you consider most players don’t really blossom until 23-24, these guys have some ways to go.

      I would also urge you to look at the history of the 4th pick and the 5th pick.

      Those picks miss more frequently than they hit.

  18. Wile E Coyote

    Hi Steve. Do the Wolves believe Dieng is a long-term starter next to Towns, and are they going to extend him before the deadline?

    • Steve Kyler

      Let’s do the last part first… extension. Unless Dieng wants to lock in his future at a discount, its better for both to let him get through a full season and see what he’s really worth.

      Now for the first part — can you really know anything about the long-term yet? Thibbs hasn’t even gotten his first technical yet. I don’t think the Wolves have decided anything in the long-term yet. They have guys they really like, but it takes time to get that committed.

  19. Wile E Coyote

    Hi Steve. Is Tyus Jones available in MN? Read a rumor about that yesterday, given that the Wolves have a guy in John Lucas III who Thibs has worked with before. Would the Wolves really do this? Lucas is 34 in December.

    • Steve Kyler

      Jones is a guy… if moving a guy got you a piece, you move the guy. The point guard of the present is Rubio, the point of the future is Kris Dunn. Jones is a backup guy and if you could move him for something more, you move him. Does not mean the Wolves will move him, you just have to put who he is into perspective in terms of team building.

  20. Wolves Fan in Roch

    Dunn has really struggled so far in the pre-season – any thoughts on why? Also, in a few years what sort of player do you see him as?

    • Steve Kyler

      #1 – The NBA game is very different than NCAA or even Summer League.

      #2 – It is one thing to thump guys in Summer League that are around your age range, something very different when you are seeing real NBA offense and real NBA defense.

      It pretty rare for a rookie guard to come in be great this yearly.

  21. Wolves Fan in Roch

    If the Wolves remain relatively healthy, do you see them snagging a playoff spot?

    • Steve Kyler

      Let me ask you… who from last year are they replacing? and are they better than say Utah or Denver who are right there too.

      I think it is possible but historically teams this young take a couple of years.

      Guys… I am out of time. Thanks for all the questions. Make sure you are following me on Twitter (@stevekylerNBA). See you all next week.