Chris Paul Wants to be in Phoenix Amid Reports of Being Waived by Suns

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Chris Paul Has No Desire to Leave Phoenix

Despite recent reports suggesting that the Phoenix Suns are considering waiving Chris Paul ahead of his contract guarantee date, the veteran point guard has expressed his desire to stay with the team. Paul made it clear that he hopes to remain in Phoenix, stating, “Absolutely, that’s why I’m there.”

Chris Paul And His Family Want to Be in Phoenix

If the Suns choose to waive Paul before June 28, they would only be obligated to pay him $15.8 million instead of the full $30.8 million for the 2023-24 season. Furthermore, the final year of Paul’s contract, the 2024-25 campaign, is non-guaranteed.

While the Suns are reportedly exploring various options regarding Paul’s future, including potentially waiving him, no final decision has been made. Paul is still listed on the team’s roster, and the Suns are assessing their possibilities. Paul’s contract situation is entering its third year of a four-year, $120-million deal, with the third year partially guaranteed. The remaining $15 million of the $30.8 million becomes fully guaranteed on June 28.

“I’ve talked with my family, we’ve had conversations about what could be, what might be,” Paul said. “I’ve talked with my agent. Talked to my brother (C.J. Paul).”

Not Just Hoops For Paul in Phoenix

During this time, Paul is in Los Angeles, and he is set to release a book on June 20. The book, co-authored with ESPN’s Michael Wilbon, is a gripping and inspiring story about the lessons Paul learned from his beloved grandfather, known as “Papa Chilly,” and how those teachings have had a profound impact on his life both on and off the basketball court. Paul’s grandfather tragically passed away on November 15, 2002, at the age of 61, after being robbed and beaten.

In a poignant tribute to his grandfather, Paul scored 61 points on November 20, 2002, the day after his funeral. This remarkable performance was Paul’s way of honoring the man who held immense significance in his life. With less than two minutes remaining in the game, Paul had already reached 61 points and was just six points away from tying Michael Jordan’s North Carolina high school state scoring record of 67. However, he intentionally missed a free throw, walked off the court in the embrace of his father, and tearfully paid tribute to his grandfather’s memory.

The emotional connection and the lessons Paul learned from his grandfather continue to resonate in his life, influencing his approach to family, his basketball career, and everything beyond. As Paul navigates the uncertainty surrounding his future with the Suns, he remains determined to make a lasting impact both on and off the court, drawing inspiration from the deep bond he shared with his grandfather.