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Union leader set to challenge Taylor suspension



The National Basketball Players Association is prepared to appeal the NBA’s 24-game suspension of Charlotte Hornets foward Jeffery Taylor, NBPA executive director Michele Roberts said Thursday.

Roberts called the suspension handed down by commissioner Adam Silver excessive and in violation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Silver announced Taylor’s suspension this week after he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence assault and malicious destruction of hotel property in East Lansing, Mich., in late September.

“The CBA contemplates a minimum 10-game suspension in any case involving a conviction for a violent felony, including domestic violence,” Roberts said. “In contrast, Jeff Taylor was charged with a misdemeanor that is likely to be dismissed at the end of a probationary period. The 24-game suspension is one of the longest in the history of the league.

“We have a scheme of discipline that was the result of collective bargaining between the parties that has been applied consistently over the years. While we appreciate the sensitivity of this societal issue, the Commissioner is not entitled to rewrite the rules or otherwise ignore precedent in disciplinary matters. While ultimately this is Jeff’s decision, we stand ready to file an immediate appeal on his behalf.”

Taylor has yet to play this season.

In September, Taylor was arrested and charged in East Lansing after an altercation with a woman at a local hotel. Last month, he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence assault and malicious destruction of hotel property and was sentenced to 18 months of probation. The assault charge against the security officer was dismissed.

Taylor was ordered as part of the probation to complete 26 weeks in a domestic violence intervention program, enter an outpatient alcohol treatment program and perform alcohol sensor tests daily for 60 days followed by random testing, and perform 80 hours of community service.

“While the suspension is significantly longer than prior suspensions for incidents of domestic violence by NBA players, it is appropriate in light of Mr. Taylor’s conduct, the need to deter similar conduct going forward, and the evolving social consensus — with which we fully concur — that professional sports leagues like the NBA must respond to such incidents in a more rigorous way,” Silver wrote in a statement.

The Hornets released a statement that read, “The NBA has informed us of its decision to suspend Jeffery Taylor. We understand and support the NBA’s position in this matter.”

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