Anthony Edwards wants everyone to know why Chris Finch is ‘the best coach in the NBA’

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After a fierce battle against the reigning champions, the Timberwolves have qualified for the Western Conference Finals for a duel against the Mavericks. They entered Ball Arena this Sunday against Denver’s hostile crowd and were still able to succeed with a Game 7, 98-90 win. 

Once the contest was over, the press was all over team star Anthony Edwards, who has been hailed as the next player that will dominate the NBA for years to come. However, instead of talking about himself, the forward took the opportunity to praise his head coach Chris Finch.

“He’s just a great coach and he don’t sugarcoat anything with anybody. If KAT’s f****ng up he’s gonna get on KAT, if I’m f****ng up, he’s gonna get on me,” Edwards told the press, as he believes Thunder’s Mark Diagneault shouldn’t have won the Coach of the Year award.

“I think that’s what makes him the best coach in the NBA. No matter who it is, no matter how high the player is on the pole, he’s gonna get on you from start to finish,” he insisted about Finch, who deserves more credit for Minnesota’s success.

Ant then gave a little insight on how Chris prepares his locker room for every game. “It starts with the head of the snake, and he’s the head of our snake. We all listen to him, look up to him, and he does a great job making sure we’re ready to go every night,” he said.

The 22-year-old is now looking ahead of the conference finals against Dallas, and is excited about clashing with rival Kyrie Irving. “It’s gonna be fun, man. My matchup is going to be Kyrie, so that’s gonna be fun. We’re gonna see what I can do versus him,” Edwards said.

As for his teammate Karl-Anthony Towns, he can’t help but remember all the hard times this franchise has gone through before this moment. “I’ve been here nine years. I’ve talked about wanting to win and do something special here in this organization.

“For all the failures and all the things that didn’t materialize, that happened, the disappointment that comes with it, to have this moment where, even this moment to celebrate the wins,” Towns explained.

Inside the NBA panel concurs that the Timberwolves are favourites to conquer the Western Conference Finals over Mavericks

Now that we finally have a Western Conference Finals matchup, TNT’s Inside the NBA panel broke down the series between Dallas and Minnesota, before picking the Wolves as the favourites to head into the NBA Finals. Vince Carter was the first to voice his opinion.

“I like Minnesota’s defense and I think they can handle the offense of Dallas. The question is, can Gobert, Reid, and KAT keep these young guys off the glass? Gafford is extremely active on the glass, Lively is extremely active on the glass. What this leads to is extra opportunities for open threes… It’ll be an interesting series and I think it could go six or seven games… I like Minnesota,” said the Raptors icon.

On the other hand, Charles Barkley doesn’t believe it will be easy for the Wolves, but guarantees this is going to be a historic matchup. “I think this is going to be a fabulous series. I like the Wolves,” Chuck told the rest of the panel.

While Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith also leaned towards Anthony Edward’s squad, this last one insisted that the series will be tighter than everyone expects it to be.