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Blatt Says ‘Close Knit’ Cavs Engaged, Listening



(Cavs’ coach David) Blatt continued to insist he isn’t paying attention to all the talk about his future as coach of the Cavs. One game after a humiliating 23-point loss to the lowly Pistons, the short-handed Cavs put forth a tenacious defensive effort and made just enough shots to climb back into the game and remain competitive.

Blatt said he didn’t feel the need to address a recent ESPN report that the team is growing concerned with how the players are responding to him because he doesn’t believe it to be true.

“Just because things are reported or said doesn’t mean it’s true,” he said. “I’ve coached many teams and I think we have a very good group, close knit, guys are engaged, guys are listening.”

via Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal

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