Bucks’ Jrue Holiday implies that even Michael Jordan would’ve gotten his ‘ass busted’ by Jimmy Butler in the playoffs first-round

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Back in last month’s first round of the postseason, Miami produced one of the biggest upsets in NBA history when the No. 8 seed with a 44-38 record, eliminated the No. 1 seed Milwaukee who held the best mark in the league (58-24). However, there’s a real reason behind this, and it goes by the name of Jimmy Butler. 

During that five-game series against the Bucks, the Heat foward averaged 37.6 points on a 59.7% shooting (44.4% from beyond the arc), and added 6.0 rebounds, 4.8 assists and 1.8 steals per contest.

Earlier this week, his opponent Jrue Holiday appeared on the “Sideline Stroll w/ Ros” podcast and shared his honest take on how it felt to guard the Miami star in those series.

“It was fun,” he started off by saying. “I played a game to go against the best players. I played defense to play against the best players… While I was in it, I was hot. I’m getting my a** busted. And, then he started talking sh*t… Jimmy is the ultimate competitor.”

However, Holiday went to the extent of hypothetically including legends LeBron James and Michael Jordan into the conversation, saying none of them would’ve been able to defend Butler last month.

“I made those decisions in those moments and I stuck with them and I stuck with the guns,” he expressed with no regrets. “A lot of plays Jimmy made, there was nothing that I could do. There’s nothing that anybody could do. It didn’t matter if it was Brook on him, if it was LeBron James or Michael Jordan on him. It didn’t matter who was on him. Jimmy was playing at a different level.”

Butler’s level has continued throughout the playoffs, as the Heat foward has almost single-handedly taken the Florida franchise all the way to the Conference Finals, currently leading the series 3-2.

“I think this is where all the best players, they show up and they show out,” Butler said after averaging 29.9 points, 6.9 rebounds, 5.6 assists, 2.1 steals and 0.8 blocks per match so far. “And I’m not saying I’m one of those best players. I just want to be looked at as such.”

Jimmy’s teammates in Miami also share ‘the utmost respect’ for him as a competitor

“I haven’t been here too long, but I’ve always had the utmost respect for him,” Kevin Love said all the way back in February. “Love his game, love what he’s about. I mean, I hate to say arguably, but I think he’s the best closer in the game. And you saw why.”

Check out Butler’s career-high 56-point performance last month against the top-seeded Bucks:

“I think we’re witnessing a guy who continues to be in his prime and is playing at a level of basketball that not many players can get to,” Heat guard Kyle Lowry shared. “And you have to just kind of sometimes sit back and appreciate it.”

His coach Erik Spoelstra said that it’s all about maintaining an elite mentality and never get too comfortable with success.

“I don’t think Jimmy would want me up here ranking this performance or anything,” he said. “He views everything the way a head coach does. He’s not relaxing. He understands what we still have to do, and he understands who we’re facing.”