Damian Lillard Next Team Odds: Heat, Nets Favorites To Trade For Blazers’ Star

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Damian Lillard offseason pic

Damian Lillard is one of the best players and scorers in the NBA.

He has had an excellent NBA career and is still playing well.

Despite an excellent NBA career, Lillard has never won an NBA Championship.

He has not even appeared in an NBA Finals.

Rumors are the Portland Trail Blazers will move on from Lillard and trade him.

Lillard should want to leave the Blazers as he has no chance of winning an NBA title with them if he remains on the team.

Scroll down to see which teams are favored to trade for the star point guard, according to BetOnline.

Which NBA Teams Are Favored To Trade For Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard will in all likelihood be on a new team when the 2023-24 NBA season begins.

Here are the sixth to tenth favorite teams to trade for Lillard, according to BetOnline.

  • 6. Los Angeles Lakers (+1200)
  • 7. Los Angeles Clippers (+1400)
  • 8. Dallas Mavericks (+1400)
  • 9. Atlanta Hawks (+1600)
  • 10. Chicago Bulls (+1800)

Lillard will get a say and list the teams he will want to be traded to.

With this, three teams listed as the sixth to tenth favorites to trade for Lillard can be eliminated.

He will want to be traded to a contender.

The Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks will not be contenders to win the NBA Title, even if they acquire Lillard.

Dallas just traded a lot to acquire Kyrie Irving, who may leave the team.

It is unlikely Dallas will be able to trade for Lillard.

The Clippers and Lakers are both title contenders if they can remain healthy.

Lillard would fit in very well with both LA teams.

He would instantly make them a top contender to win the NBA title.

It would be difficult for the Lakers and Clippers to trade for Lillard but if they can pull it off, they’d be considered a top team to win the title next season.

Below are the top five teams favored to trade for Damian Lillard, according to BetOnline.

5. San Antonio Spurs (+900)

The San Antonio Spurs are the fifth favorite to trade for Damian Lillard.

They have the number one overall pick in the draft but they will not include that in the offer for Lillard.

San Antonio will want to draft Victor Wembanyama with the number one overall pick.

Pairing Wembanyama with Lillard would be great for the Spurs but it would not make them a title contender next season, so Lillard may not like this.

However, if Lillard would agree to this, the Spurs will jump at getting Lillard unless the number one overall pick is involved.

It is unlikely for the Spurs to acquire Lillard but they are the fifth favorites at +900 odds to trade for the star point guard.

4. Boston Celtics (+400)

The Boston Celtics trading for Damian Lillard is very interesting.

One could argue the Celtics should be the favorite to trade for Lillard.

This will depend on what the Celtics want to do with Jaylen Brown.

If they do not want to offer Brown the max contract, trading Brown to Portland for Lillard makes a lot of sense for both teams.

Brown would become Portland’s number one guy, which may be what he wants to get out of Jayson Tatum’s shadow and be a team’s number one option.

Lillard would be thrilled with the idea of going to Boston, who are legitimate NBA Championship contenders.

The players Boston has fits perfectly with Lillard.

The Celtics need a reliable scorer and Lillard is one of the best scorers in the NBA.

Lillard makes Boston more of a contender to win the NBA title than Brown does.

Boston trading for Lillard makes a lot of sense and it would put Boston as arguably the best team in the league.

3. New York Knicks (+300)

The New York Knicks are the third favorites to trade for Damian Lillard at +300 odds.

However, this does not seem like a very good fit with the current construct of the Knicks.

Jalen Brunson is the starting point guard and plays very similarly to Lillard.

They are both good scorers and need the ball in their hands.

It would cost the Knicks a lot to trade for Lillard and they may not be willing to give up what would be needed.

New York is the third favorite to trade for Lillard but it is not likely they do so.

2. Brooklyn Nets (+300)

The Brooklyn Nets are the second favorites to trade for Damian Lillard.

Brooklyn has the draft pick compensation to try and get the star point guard.

Having the draft compensation might put the Nets in the driver’s seat to trade for Lillard.

This deal would most likely include Spencer Dinwiddie and Joe Harris, who both have expiring contracts.

To make the money work for the Nets, Portland would have to be willing to absorb those players for one season or flip them to another team.

After that, the Nets have a flurry of first-round picks that they could send to Portland.

In this deal, the Nets would send four of them to Portland in exchange for Lillard.

If Portland would agree to such a deal, Brooklyn would have a core of Lillard, Mikal Bridges, Cam Johnson, Ben Simmons, and Nic Claxton.

Brooklyn would not have a title-contending team but it would put them in the top 3-5 teams in the Eastern Conference next season.

Brooklyn has been rumored to be very interested in Lillard and they might be able to pull the trigger this offseason.

1. Miami Heat (+200)

The Miami Heat are favored to trade for Damian Lillard.

After losing in the NBA Finals for the second time in four years, Miami may be enticed to trade for the star point guard.

If Miami wants to trade for Lillard, it will take a lot of salary cap work from GM Andy Elisburg.

It would be complicated and three or four teams may be involved in the trade to make all parties happy.

A framework would likely revolve around three first-round picks going to the Blazers.

Miami would have to include Tyler Herro or send him to a third team in exchange for an additional first-round pick to send to Portland.

It may not be the most ideal move for Portland but there is a framework of a deal to work with.

This is under the assumption Portland would want to send Lillard to a team where he wants to be.

The Miami Heat are the favorites to trade for Lillard, who remains one of the best players and scorers in the NBA.