“It’s the NBA, man,” added Draymond Green. “Your teammates make a good move; I didn’t affect the play. There was no one near me. So, it sucks. And the fact that that’s going to count against my tech count? Come on, that’s ridiculous.”

Warriors star Draymond Green ranks second below Kevin Durant for most technical fouls in the 2022-23 season

According to technical foul rankings by player for the 2022-23 season, Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets leads the NBA with a total of eight.

However, Green is right below the two-time Finals MVP with seven. Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Doncic and Detroit Pistons forward Bojan Bogdanovic have five.

If a player receives 16 technical fouls, the league will issue a one-game suspension to the violator. While Durant has moments of losing his cool on the court, Draymond Green will likely lead the league in technicals by the end of this season.

During the 2022 NBA Playoffs, the Warriors forward received four technicals in 18 games. But that’s nothing. In the 2000-01 season, Rasheed Wallace received 41 technicals in 80 games. Many fans believe it’s one NBA record that will never be broken.

Of course, the 11-year veteran ended his performance against Minnesota with 19 points, four rebounds, 11 assists, and two blocks in 33 minutes. He finished 6-of-7 (85.7%) shooting from the floor and 1-of-2 (50%) from deep.

Through 19 starts this season, Draymond Green is averaging 8.8 points, 6.1 boards, and 7.2 assists per game. He’s also shooting 60.2% from the field and 36.4% from three-point range.