Ex-Memphis player Chandler Parsons considers Ja Morant should face severe punishment: ‘Suspend him all of next season’

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Former Grizzlies player Chandler Parsons is fed up with Ja Morant’s antics. The 34-year-old believes it’s time for Memphis to erradicate the immature behaviors from young players in the roster that have stained the franchise’s reputation this campaign. 

Parsons, who played for the Tennessee squad for three years starting in 2016, simply doesn’t want the NBA to take things lightly with the young point guard, who flashed yet another gun in an Instagram Live video this past weekend.

Take a look at the social media post that quickly went viral and is set to ruin things for the 23-year-old:

“Suspend him all of next season,” Parsons wrote on Twitter.

As seen in the video above, the player seems to be enjoying his time in his friend’s vehicle with a gun in his hand, which has not gone down well considering that on March 4, Morant did the same thing after partying late-night in a Denver strip club after a NBA contest.

Back then, he was suspended for eight games and made his return just for Memphis’ playoffs run, which ended in the first round against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Up to now, all that has been announced by the Grizzlies is that the athlete is currently suspended from all team activities until further notice. According to NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski, the star point guard could be facing a “significant suspension” from the league.

“I think Ja Morant is facing a lengthy, a significant suspension to start next season, if indeed that was a firearm in his hand in that video,” Wojnarowski claimed on ESPN’s Get Up.

“There’s going to be some pressure even from other teams around the NBA that this isn’t just harmful to the Memphis Grizzlies, but this is harmful on a league level. I don’t think Adam Silver is going to take this one lightly,” he concluded.

Fans and analysts across the NBA have shown their frustration over Ja’s immaturity

After Morant made his first offense, he was sent to counseling and seemed to have admitted his mistakes with a new moral conscience.

“Obviously, I’ve made mistakes in the past that cause a lot of negative attention — not only to me, but my family as well, my team, the organization — and I’m completely sorry for that,” the player said. “So my job now is, like I said, to be more responsible, more smarter, and don’t cause any of that no more.”

Sharpe Shannon went on a rant this week on his morning debate show “Undisputed”, mostly focusing on the people who surround and inspire Morant’s decision-making.

“I’m mad, I’m upset, I’m disgusted by the people that defended (Morant),” he said in disbelief. “Because that’s what got us here.”

“All of the people that said let Ja be Ja, are y’all gonna be the treasurer of that GoFundMe account, because he just lost $39 million because he wasn’t on one of the three All-NBA teams,” Sharpe expressed. “He’s about to lose another $20-$30 million of these endorsements.”

“What about to the NBA? What about the Nike? What about the Powerade?”, he kept at it.” I want to know who is going to be the treasurer of that GoFundMe because he is about to lose that NBA contract. He is about to lose that Powerade endorsement.”