High-Performance Mindfulness: The Number One Thing We Can Do Right Now

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During times of uncertainty, maybe the most important step is to first turn inward and let go of our fears and negativity.

Doing this can have the effect of centering, providing clarity and purpose for the road ahead. From there, assertively clear action can take place and requisite decisions can be made. This is especially important for organizational leaders whose decisions influence others.

Every time unwanted scenarios creep up in your consciousness, deliberately LET GO, detach and pivot into visualizing the best possible outcomes for the parties involved. In this way, you are cutting off the cycle of fear and uncertainty before it gets going.

These past few days have been unprecedented, the emotion is palpable.

If you are an organizational leader or employee, taking the step for finding clarity within can make the way forward more seamlessly. Science is showing that thoughts and emotions have an electrical charge to them, meaning whether positive or negative, they literally can influence the people around you.

This brings me to my main point: Getting RIGHT on the mental and emotional level is likely the most important first step you can take in serving those around you.

Players on all levels are confused, looking for answers, and some are flat out scared.

To most effectively help players, we must correct any imbalance in our own feeling and thinking processes first. This is vital to providing clear and resolute support.

This might be a little deep for a basketball post, I get that.

But right now, more than ever, maybe one of the most important things that we can ALL do is let go of fear and unconstructive thought patterns.

By firmly being in our present moment, this helps us better provide support to the player.

Here’s Are Some Ways To Do This

  1. Be discriminatory around what type of outside influences that allow into your space. If you must watch the news, choose media outlets that uplift and seek to provide solutions. Don’t get mired down in the loop of negativity that often gets churned out. If it doesn’t feel good, turn it off.
  2. Take the time to find your center. Use meditation, mindfulness guided visualizations. Go for a run. Whatever you need to do to check yourself and find clarity, DO IT.
  3. Stay connected and communicate with those that you care about. Only bring positivity, leave all the other what if’ scenarios out of the conversation.
  4. As mentioned above, only envision, visualize, speak into existence and BE the positive outcomes that you desire. Since thoughts and emotions have an electrical charge, what you think and what you feel literally matters. That is why it is important to mind your thoughts. Only put out into the ethers visions of positive outcomes.
  5. Employ a daily practice, whether it be meditation, yoga and or even running. Go get a daily process that brings you back into the present moment. This consistency will help you train the mind to combat leftover psychosomatic generated from the outside world.
  6. Be compassionate, look to serve and find ways to help others. Not only does service help the other, but it also helps you raise your vibration. This, in turn, is felt by those around you.

The bottom line: Do what you need to find internal balance. Find consistency in a daily routine that brings you clarity. Remove yourself from outside influences that do not add to your overall happiness quotient.

Feel as good as you possibly can, for as long as you possibly can. The simple act of shifting your feeling state can help promote the effectiveness of your interaction with others, like the players who are looking for answers.

This act alone can be huge.