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The Funny, Stupid Thing of the Day

Check out this mix of some of the best bench reactions from the regular season. Some benches get pretty goofy at times, but when a big dunk goes down in their favor, they have the right to get crazy about it.

Dunk of the Night


So, who thinks Thunder guard Russell Westbrook is still recovering? Yeah, we think he’s just fine too. It’s a shame this dunk didn’t count thanks to an offensive foul by teammate Kendrick Perkins. That slam would have blown the roof off “The Peake” and deserves a look no less.

Highlights of the Night

While everyone was locked into the NBA playoffs this weekend, the 2014 Jordan Classic took place as well. Check out this great mix featuring some of the next stars who should be making their way into the league real soon.

Fail of the Night


If there’s anything Rockets guard Jeremy Lin has going for him, it’s a great shooting touch and offensive skill. But as this Vine shows, Lin just failed at demonstrating those skills with that shot. To be fair, the shot clock was about to expire, but Lin just had to hang his head after that.

Instagram of the Day


What do you do when you just got blown out by the eighth seed Hawks and you’re really struggling with your jumper? Go fishing! Paul George and the Pacers better get their heads in this series, or the next Instagram post may include the whole Pacers team out fishing as the playoffs move on without them.

Cheerleaders of the Day


The HEAT show off some of their happy fans as Miami takes on the Bobcats. Oh, and there’s some pretty good-looking cheerleaders down in Miami too.

Kicks of the Day


These Nike KD’s may not be for everyone, but if you’re into a crazy mash-up of bright colors and designs, you will want a pair of these.

Swag of the Night


Want to know how LaMarcus Aldridge scored 46 points and grabbed 18 rebounds in the Blazers overtime win last night against the Rockets? Well, besides the fact that he’s one of the best power forwards in the game, his style certainly didn’t hurt.

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