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Raptors’ Ross ready to defend slam-dunk title



Winning the dunk contest was one thing. Defending it is another.

Terrence Ross is leaving nothing to chance.

The sophomore swing man began working up some dunk options a couple of days ago.

That’s well in advance of his preparation a year ago when he won it, but Ross says it’s all going to come down to the field when it comes to his chances of repeating.

“It really just depends on whoever is there,” Ross said of the field for the dunk off. “Then you get a feel for what people can do or what sneaky things they can do and try and get away with.”

The field has yet to be announced, but Ross, who has known since he won a year ago that he would be back to defend, has some general and very definite ideas of who he would like to see in the competition.

First the general — “I don’t know, somebody I could beat,” he said laughing at his own little joke.

Specifically though, the first name that Ross came up with in terms of guys he would like to see challenge him was Detroit’s Tony Mitchell.

Now Mitchell isn’t exactly a household name in the NBA yet, but then again neither was Ross a year ago when he won.

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