Sean “Diddy” Combs hired NBA trainer after revealing he has ‘the worst shot a black man can have’

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There’s always been a strong relationship between basketball and hip hop artists, as most players enjoy this music to hype up before a match. Sometimes, even rappers such as Lil’ Wayne play ball and are NBA experts, but some other can’t hoop at all. Recently, Sean Combs posted a hilarious video in which he’s seen training with renowned shooting coach Lethal Shooter.

Apparently, Diddy is looking to improve his basketball skills because he’s always been terrible at it. At one point, he’s speaking to the camera and comes cleans with his hooping abilities. “Gonna let you in on a secret. Diddy right now has the worst jump shot that a Black man can have,” he said in the Instagram clip.

There’s a specific moment during the video where the artist misses a shot and throws the ball away in anger, yelling “motherf*cker!”

His trainer, whose real name is Chris Mathews, is also very present in the clip while helping Combs with his jump shot. The founder Bad Boy Records reveals at one point that he’d undergone surgery on his shoulder and is still recovering.

Many fans and former players commented on the Instagram post, mostly impressed by Diddy’s poor skills. “These n-ggas never pick’d up a ball and shot around? Like never?” said three-time Slam Dunk champion Nate Robinson.

A fan even dared to make fun of the rapper, joking about the whole situation. “Soooo… we just gonna act like we don’t see this white guy following Diddy around with a lamp,” it reads. Another compared Combs’ body to that of Pelicans star Zion Williamson, who is constantly questioned for his weight.

Lethal Shooter is well known for working with celebrities to improve their basketball skills, as Drake also hired him recently to help him with his own jumper. The trainer first received recognition when he played basketball in high school with Kevin Durant.

The shooting coach also made his thought known and once talked about Drake’s improvements. “Drake’s ability to shoot after we made the necessary making changes are very impressive. Tell him something and he catches on instantly. Shooting from NBA range and most importantly form is clean. We never satisfied more work to do,” he posted some time ago.

Lethal Shooter has worked with a great number of stars from the entertainment industry including Kanye West and Adam Sandler

The renowned hoop trainer has been seen working with many musicians like Future, Rick Ross, Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, 21 Savage and Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea. However, Lethal Shooter remembers Adam Sandler as one of the clients he most admires.

“Adam Sandler truly loves the game of basketball. He put me in my first movie a year ago and trusted me to choreograph my own scene. Just want to publicly say THANK YOU brother,” he once said about working with the famous actor after he included him in his latest movie about basketball.

“It has opened so many doors for me. Continue being a role model for the next generation and a positive influences for all of us. Don’t forget those changes we made to your jumper, it’s so smooth,” he added about participating in Hustle.

Lethal Shooter has also worked with many NBA stars across the league, which is precisely what established his reputation around the entertainment industry. Some of the best players he’s trained with are Jaylen Brown, Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis.