Top 5 most memorable moments of the 72nd Annual All-Star Weekend in Salt Lake City

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Before we officially lunge back to the NBA regular season, we still have many stories to uncover surrounding this weekend’s 72nd Annual All-Star events celebrated in the Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

The infamous event that starred this weekend might not be an official competition, but there are always entertaining stories that should remain in the memory of true basketball followers for a long time, if not forever.

Just to reminisce about a few, some honorable mentions are the succesful pregame All-Star Draft, Adam Silver showing next-generation technology involving the NBA, or even the $100,000 donation to two U.S. universities.

However, we made our own list of the Top 5 most outstanding moments from this NBA All-Star weekend in Utah:

5. Top 3 historic scorers together at the stage

At halftime of the All-Star Game, the NBA had prepared a ceremony to celebrate LeBron James, who this past February 7 he became the league’s all-time leading scorer.

Former Heat star Dwayne Wade introduced the Lakers 38-year-old as the No.2 scorer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and the third-leading scorer Karl Malone awaited on the platform to receive the new scoring king.

Watch the moment all three superstars share the stage as James stood in the middle, with Abdul-Jabbar and Malone standing on the left and right, respectively.

4. Birthday boy Jokic wasn’t going to be drafted last

Denver Nuggets star Nikola Jokic became the first player in NBA history to celebrate his birthday as an All-Star starter on this weekend’s 72nd Annual All-Star Game. The reigning two-time MVP, who turned 28 this Sunday, wasn’t chosen until the end of the Draft, as just him and Lauri Markkanen sat awaiting to be picked.

Before LeBron even opened his mouth to announce his last pick, The Joker got up with an uncomfortable smile and patted the Lakers player on the back. Watch the situation and judge it yourselves:

“I would not draft myself either. I’m not meant for this game.” Nikola Jokic joked about falling to pick 7 in the All-Star Draft last night.

Coach Michael Malone said it was all a misunderstanding. “[Nikola Jokic] feels bad because he didn’t realize that Lauri Markkanen was still on the stage… He thought he was the last pick.” Michael Malone explained.

3. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown playing against each other

Boston Celtics teammates Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown had to play against each other during this All-Star Game, as the foward was chosen by Team Giannis, and the guard played with LeBron.

During numerous occasions, the players confronted each other on a 1-on-1, with both Celtics stars dropping amazing points, one after the other.

Here are some of the highlights from this unbelievable clash between teammates:

Tatum ended up making history this Sunday, as he became the first player to ever perform a 55-point game in a single All-Star contest, as his team ended up winning against James’ side by nine points (184 to 175).

2. Jose Alvarado’s last second 3-pointer

Pelicans guard Jose Alvarado earned the honor of becoming this year’s Rising Star Most Valuable Player, especially because of his last second drop to seal the win for Team Pau Gasol over Joakim Noah’s squad.

His last show was mostly impressive because of the fact that ge anticipated the game-winning shot, as he decided to call on a bet with Donovan Mitchell who was sitting close to the bench watching the game.

“What you wanna bet if I take the last shot, and I make it?” Alvarado asked the Cavs star.

Watch the actions right before Alvarado dropped the ball in the rim to conclude the contest 25-20:

Alvarado first scored 14 points in his team’s semifinal clash against Team Deron, before dropping five points in the title game, including the championship winner. “I believe in myself 100%. I believe in myself out of this world,” the young star said after the match.”But this is something I didn’t even think of or even dream of.”

1. Mac McClung saved the Slam Dunk Contest

The 24-year-old player got crowned the best of the contest despite not technically being an NBA player yet, as he hasn’t officially played for the Sixers. Once a kid who became famous for his dunks as a teenager on YouTube, he now carries the trophy for conquering this year’s infamous NBA Slam Dunk. 

Last night at the All-Stars in Utah, the scenes were nothing less than heroic, as the young athlete is now praised as the “savior” of the slam competition. The tournament had dropped in value during the past years, as participants failed their attempts without creativity and stars began to withdraw from the contest.

“Ever since the beginning, I was the underdog,” McClung said as he celebrated,  because now he owns a trophy that only legends like Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan possess. “Proving others right instead of others wrong, brings a little more satisfaction.”

Three out of his four dunks were considered perfect 50s by the judges. One of his highlights this Saturday was a 540-degree turn we’ve only seen before in gymnasts, acrobats or maybe snowboardes, but never in basketball!

Check out how Mac McClung impressed all the 20,000 spectators at the Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City: