WATCH: Former NBA star Dwight Howard among 12 players ejected after biggest on-court fight in Taiwan’s history

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Where is Dwight Howard nowadays? The eight-time All-Star made the news headlines this Sunday as he was part of the biggest brawl in the history of the Taiwan T1 Basketball League.

The former Lakers center was one of 12 players who were ejected during the clash. As reported by Taiwan News’ Keoni Everington, the Taoyuan Leopards guard Chen Hsiao-Jung was guilty of initiating the fight after elbowing TaiwanBeer HeroBears guard Chiang Yu-an in the face.

Subsequently, both players entered a fist-fight as all hell broke loose around them; it had sparked into a full skirmish involving both team’s players and coaches.

Watch the actions in the video below and judge them yourself:

Even though journalist Everington said that Howard played the role of a peacemaker during the brawl, the veteran was still ejected. Before the clash, the big man was able to drop 28 points, win 24 rebounds and hand out 7 assists as his team triumphed 120 to 108 last night.

The three-time Defensive Player of the Year has already played 9 contests for the Leopards, as he signed for the Taiwanese squad back in November. The center has averaged 24.4 points, 14.1 rebounds and 6.2 assists so far. Also, Howard was even selected for the T1 League’s All-Star Game just a couple of weeks ago.

Unfortunately, the Leopards are last in the T1 League with a 4-11 track, besides the fact that they won this past match against the HeroBears.

Aside from Shaq mocking him, Howard is already breaking records in Asia

Shaquille O’Neil, the current “NBA on TNT” analyst, has always loved to criticize Howard. His latest mockery came from his “The Big Podcast” with Candace Parker, where he made fun of the fact that the 37-year-old decided to continue his career in Taiwan.

“It’s not overseas, it’s Taiwan, stop it,” Shaq interrupted Parker when she mentioned Howard was playing internationally. “They have a losing record.”

“Somebody sent me they have a losing record. I ain’t losing to nobody in Taiwan” Shaq kept at it. “You can’t have a losing record in Taiwan. Come on now.”

Well the thing is, Dwight has actually been performing amazingly ever since he got to Asia. The former All-Star threw an amazing 84-point performance just three days ago, also producing an outstanding 37 rebounds, 14 blocks and 9 assists!

A while ago, Howard talked about what his future could look like. “You did everything in life that everybody wishes that they could do. They want to be superman, they want to be you,” he said back then. “They wanted to be you until they saw how much you’re hating on people for no reason.”

Let the 37-year-old enjoy what game he has left and enjoy him while we still can.