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Al Horford’s Instincts Push Hawks to 3-2 Series Lead



“(Dennis) [Schroder] had a great drive, and then when I just saw the ball go up, I just ran in there,” (Al) Horford said. “It was just a hustle play, making a winning play. I just got the ball. My first instinct was just to put it in the basket.”

Atlanta 82, Washington 81, which would hold as the final score as the Hawks take a 3-2 series lead to Washington for Game 6 on Friday night.

Instincts might be Horford’s greatest gift as a ballplayer. In this instance, those instincts were applied in chaos — a quick impulse in a lightning storm. But for the rest of the night, and throughout the Hawks’ improbable, historic run this season, Horford’s intuition guided the team on both ends of the floor.

via Kevin Arnovitz of ESPN

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