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Josh Primo, San Antonio Spurs Facing Lawsuit

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Josh Primo, San Antonio Spurs Facing Lawsuit

Matters are getting worse for former San Antonio Spurs guard Josh Primo. After being released on Friday, Primo and the Spurs organization are being sued for multiple counts of indecent exposure. A criminal complaint has been filed against Primo as well.

The lawsuit was filed by Dr. Hilary Cauthen with attorney Tony Buzbee’s representation. It alleges that Primo exposed himself to her on nine different occasions. Cauthen formerly served as the team’s psychologist. The first instance was in December 2021, and it was to Spurs management in January 2022.

“Rather than act on Dr. Cauthen’s reports, the Spurs ignored her complaints, hoping the organization could ignore then cover up Primo’s actions,” the lawsuit states. ”

On Friday, the Spurs released 19-year-old Primo with no mention of what provoked the move. Primo had claimed that he was stepping away from basketball to take care of his mental health. ESPN reported that the release stemmed from multiple incidents of exposing himself to women. The move came just weeks after the Spurs picked up his team option.

“Josh Primo’s conduct is well outside of the bounds of what is normal and acceptable,” Buzbee said during a Thursday morning press conference, “I would also say that the Spurs’ conduct, the way they handled this conduct, was egregious, and absolutely unreasonable.

Josh Primo’s Defense

Primo’s lawyer, William J. Briggs, stated on behalf of his client.

“In an act of betrayal against her young client, Dr. Cauthen, who is 40 years old, falsely claims Josh Primo exposed himself to her during the course of her numerous therapy sessions,” the statement read. “Dr. Cauthen’s allegations are either a complete fabrication, a gross embellishment, or utter fantasy.” The statement adds that Primo was not intending to expose himself,

In addition to the incident with Cauthen, Primo is also accused of exposing himself on two recent occasions. One incident allegedly occurred in Nevada, when he was playing in Summer League. While another instance was said to take place in Minnesota. Primo cleared waivers after his release and is currently a free agent.