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LSU Women’s Basketball Coach Kim Mulkey Contract, Salary, Buyout, Net Worth & March Madness Incentives

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As the LSU Women’s Basketball team punches their ticket to the Final Four, all eyes are on their head coach, Kim Mulkey. Since joining the program in the 2021/22 season, Mulkey has been a force to be reckoned with, bringing her winning ways to LSU from a highly successful stint at Baylor. With the team’s deep March Madness run, fans and pundits alike are curious about Mulkey’s contract, salary, buyout, and net worth. Let’s take a deep dive into the numbers behind one of the NCAA’s most accomplished coaches.

Kim Mulkey’s Contract and Salary

After a storied tenure at Baylor’s women’s college basketball team, in 2021, Mulkey signed a deal with LSU through the 2029 season, worth over $23 million. Her salary for the 2022/23 season stands at $2.14 million, which includes a $400,000 base salary and supplemental salary, typically used to compensate for media appearances, speaking engagements, and other program-related responsibilities. This salary puts her among the highest paid coaches in women’s college basketball.

But Mulkey’s contract isn’t just about a hefty salary—it’s also loaded with incentives, some of which she’s already unlocked during this epic March Madness run. As the LSU Tigers continue to push forward, Mulkey’s potential bonus earnings continue to climb.

NCAA Tournament Incentives

March Madness bonuses are aggregated, meaning Mulkey earns additional payouts as the team advances through the tournament. So far, she’s collected:

  • NCAA Tournament appearance: $28,000
  • Reaching Round of 32: $30,000
  • Reaching Sweet 16: $33,000
  • Reaching Elite Eight: $38,000
  • Reaching Final Four: $50,000

With these achievements, Mulkey has already earned a total of $179,000 in March Madness bonuses. If the Tigers continue their winning streak, she could potentially collect $225,000 more. The other incentives are as follows:

  • Reaching Championship game: $75,000
  • Winning National Championship: $150,000

If LSU wins the National Championship, Mulkey’s total March Madness earnings would soar to an impressive $404,000. With LSU’s odds of winning the national championship currently at +600, sportsbooks imply a 14.3% probability of the Tigers coming out on top—a sizable opportunity for Mulkey and her team to secure even greater bonuses.

Other Incentives

Mulkey’s contract also includes other incentives, such as:

  • SEC Regular Season champion: $65,000
  • SEC Tournament champion: $35,000
  • Finish the season ranked 1-10 in AP Poll: $30,000
  • Finish the season ranked 11-25 in AP Poll: $25,000
  • SEC Coach of the Year: $10,000
  • National Coach of the Year: $15,000

Additionally, Mulkey can earn up to $13,000 in academic bonuses. Her perks include a $1,000 per month automobile allowance, basketball tickets, and a country club membership.

Kim Mulkey’s Buyout

Compared to other Division I coaches’ contracts, Mulkey’s buyout terms are relatively straightforward. If she is fired, LSU owes her $2 million, while she would owe the university the same amount if she leaves before the contract’s end.

Mulkey’s buyout terms, while simple, are designed to ensure a level of commitment and stability between her and the university. If LSU decides to part ways with Mulkey before her contract expires, the $2 million they owe her serves as a financial safeguard for the accomplished coach.

Conversely, if Mulkey opts to leave LSU prematurely, the $2 million she would owe the university acts as a deterrent, encouraging her to fulfill the contract’s duration and maintain continuity within the program.

Kim Mulkey’s Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of $5 million, Mulkey’s financial success is attributed to her storied coaching career, which includes three national championships and numerous individual awards at Baylor. Her dedication to building winning programs has not only earned her a substantial income but also the admiration and respect of the basketball community.

As Kim Mulkey continues to lead the LSU Tigers through the 2023 March Madness, she’s already proving that the success she achieved at Baylor is replicable in Baton Rouge. With an impressive contract, salary, and incentives on the line, there’s no doubt that Mulkey is poised to continue her winning ways and cement her legacy as one of the NCAA’s top coaches.

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