Malcolm Brogdon speaks about NBA for Basketball Without Borders, Celtics

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Celtics' Malcolm Brogdon will accept sixth-man role

Malcolm Brogdon has been helping out with the Basketball Without Borders event. He’s noted how a great of a time he’s currently having with people less fortunate than him and also spoke about what the Boston Celtics are going to be able to do this season.

Malcolm Brogdon Basketball Without Borders

Brogdon had the following to say, according to

“I just have a heart for it over here, a heart for the continent and developing these guys and giving them a real opportunity,” Brogdon told Basketball News via Zoom.

“I think it’s always an amazing opportunity when I get to come over here and work with the young talent, because there’s a wealth of it in Africa. They don’t have the resources and they don’t have the nutrition and the development that we have, but once they do, these kids are gonna take off. So I definitely applaud the NBA for being over here and giving them an opportunity.”

“It’s up to guys like myself in the NBA that have a platform and have a name that can come over [to] encourage these guys, shine some light in their life, work with them and learn from them, and allow them to learn from you,” Brogdon said.

Brogdon Excited For Season With Celtics

Malcolm is pumped to get going with Boston this season:

“Their history, right? I mean, they’re the most winning organization in the league, and I think they’re more hungry to win than anybody. You can see that with the move they made for me and [Danilo] Gallinari. They want to improve. They want to win a championship. It’s all about Banner 18 for ’em. Now that’s all it’s about for me as well, and I’m excited to be a part of that.”

“But [mostly], being a steady presence on the floor that can help control the end of games, that can help control the flow of the game to make sure that they’re getting the ball in their spots, [so] they’re never having to overdo it to get a look or run their bodies into the ground. I want to be that guy that can create for ’em.”