Patrick Beverley jokes around saying Russell Westbrook and himself want a ring if the Lakers win the NBA Finals this season

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Russ and Pat Bev pic

The LA Lakers made some massive moves at the trade deadline to upgrade their roster. In doing so they traded away Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley. Both veteran guards are players in over half of the Lakers’ games this season. On his podcast, Beverley joked around saying that Russell Westbrook and himself wand a ring if the Lakers with the Finals this season. 

Beverley and Westbrook gave it their all with the Lakers and would be deserving of earning a ring. While that may seem controversial, there are plenty of bench players on the Lakers who have played far less for LA and have a chance at a ring.

At first, Beverley’s main goal was to knock the Lakers out of the playoffs. He was not able to achieve that goal and will not be rooting for the Lakers to make it to the NBA Finals this season.

Would Pat Bev and Russell Westbrook be deserving of rings if the Lakers win the NBA Finals?

Both Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook said they were relieved when they were traded from the Lakers. Each felt they had been dealt to a better situation. While their seasons with the Lakers ended prematurely, they still contributed to their success during the regular season.

Westbrook played in 52 games this season for the Lakers and made three starts. Head coach Darvin Ham felt Westbrook would be most effective off the bench for LA. The 2016-17 league MVP felt differently about the situation. Tensions boiled between the two and it led to the Lakers trading Westbrook to the Utah Jazz, who then dealt him ti the Clippers.

As for Patrick Beverly, he played 45 games and started all of them. His role was very limited with the Lakers dispute playing (26.9) minutes per game. Both played in over half of the Lakers’ games this season and could be offered a ring if they do in fact win.