WATCH: Charles Barkley was not convinced by Adam Silver’s explanation of the new in-season tournament

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Barkley and Silver pic

The NBA is always evolving and changes make the league better as a whole. Commissioner Adam Silver has spoken about how the league plans to have an in-season tournament next year. He was on NBA TV before Game 2 last night and was able to give some details on what it will look like. NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley was not convinced by Adam Silver’s explanation. 

Before Game 2 last night, Barkley and the NBA TV crew were able to sit down with Commissioner Silver. They hit a number of topics yesterday like media rights deals and expansion of the league in the future. The topic to get the most attention however was the proposed in-season tournament.

Charles Barkley asked Silver to clarify what the in-season tournament will look like. It was clear that Silver and the rest of the NBA need to iron out the details before next season.

Charles Barkley needed Adam Silver to give an explanation of what the in-season tournament will look like

When talking with the NBA TV crew, Silver referenced European soccer as the “blueprint” for the in-season tournament for 2023-24. He said the idea is to “create new games of consequences during the regular season”. Silver also mentioned how players will wear different uniforms and said the court might look different as well.

The league is trying to create a new tradition and Siver acknowledged that “new traditions are not built overnight”. It will certainly take some getting used to for the NBA and their fans. Charles Barkley was not particularly impressed by Silver’s explanation of the in-season tournament.

Barkley is an “old-school” kind of guy and he probably doesn’t want to see the league do this. For years now this has been in the works and the league is ready to roll it out next season. There are going to be some mishaps along the way.