WATCH: Charles Barkley was not convinced by Adam Silver’s explanation of the new in-season tournament

The NBA is always evolving and changes make the league better as a whole. Commissioner Adam Silver has spoken about how the league plans to have an in-season tournament next year. He was on NBA TV before Game 2 last night and was able to give some details on what it will look like. NBA […]

Zach Wolpin  •  05 Jun 2023
Charles Barkley’s March Madness Sweet 16 Bracket, Predictions, and Expert Picks

Charles Barkley has released his March Madness 2023 bracket. Get Charles Barkely’s March Madness Sweet 16 picks and predictions below. Picking a perfect bracket in March Madness is not an easy thing to do. There are always countless upsets that even the sharpest analysts can’t predict like #16 FDU beating #1 Purdue in the round […]

Zach Wolpin  •  21 Mar 2023
Charles Barkley’s March Madness 2023 Bracket, Predictions, and Expert Picks

Charles Barkley has released his March Madness 2023 bracket. Get Charles Barkley’s March Madness 2023 picks and predictions below. March Madness is a special time of year for college basketball players and fans. It’s a chance to show your game on a national stage and the opportunity to play against some of the nation’s top […]

Zach Wolpin  •  16 Mar 2023
Charles Barkley Goes Off On Load Management In Today’s NBA, Insisting That Team Are ‘Paying Bums’ $300 Million

The league has had a real problem in recent years with “load management” and it’s become a highly controversial topic. Players have came out and said that others in the league are absolutely not playing as much as they should and it’s because the NBA has become lackadaisical with their polices around the issue. NBA Hall […]

Zach Wolpin  •  28 Feb 2023
Charles Barkley Is Shocked That Jalen Brunson Was Not Chosen To Be An All-Star This Year

Many were skeptical of the New York Knicks signing Jalen Brunson in the offseason. In his previous four seasons with Dallas he played a smaller role off the bench, but he’s blossomed into a full-time starter for the Knicks this season. Brunson has silenced the haters who doubted what he could so with the Knicks. […]

Zach Wolpin  •  03 Feb 2023
Charles Barkley heaps high praise on Denver Nuggets

Charles Barkley is known for his outlandish takes. However, his most recent “hot take,” may not be hot at all. During halftime of the Nuggets Clippers game on January 5th , Barkley doubled down on his respect for the Nuggets this season with an interesting quote. “I told you I thought the Nuggets were going […]

Mathew Huff  •  06 Jan 2023
Shaquille O’Neal And Charles Barkley Still Doubting New York Knicks Playoff Chances

The New York Knicks are taking the league by storm right now. Julius Randle and the Knicks have gone 8-2 in their last ten games and are also on a eight-game win streak. They are sixth in the Eastern Conference and are just one game back from the fourth place Brooklyn Nets. Last night Shaquille […]

Zach Wolpin  •  21 Dec 2022
Charles Barkley Is Mad That People Keep Talking About The Lakers

The LA Lakers have had a rocky start to the season. LA was thought to be a serious contender in the West this year and it hasn’t played out that way. LeBron James and the Lakers are 11-16 this season which is last in the Pacific Division and twelfth in the Western Conference. They have […]

Zach Wolpin  •  14 Dec 2022
Charles Barkley Wants To ‘Get Past This Bulls**t’ With Michael Jordan

Certain people can hold grudges longer than others and that seems to be the case with Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. Jordan is the majority owner of the Charlotte Hornets and is the only former player to do so. His old buddy Barkley made some comments about Jordan over 10 years ago and the two […]

Zach Wolpin  •  30 Nov 2022