WATCH: Draymond Green annoyed as Charles Barkley tells him the Warriors are “cooked” this season

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Charles Barkley sure likes to talk! You can find the analyst yapping about his views on “Inside the NBA” or any other broadcast panel he is invited to on TNT. The only reason we actually decide to pick on his brain is because the former player is an eleven-time All-Star participant, 1993 league’s MVP and one of the highest scorers in NBA history. 

His latest antics occured during the All-Star Game broadcast, as he had a controversial exchange with Golden State veteran Draymond Green which revived a long-time contest between the both of them.

It’s known the Barkley isn’t a fan of the Warriors team, as he’s gone on record saying he “hates” their fan base. The “Inside the NBA” analyst called them out again this Sunday live on TBS and predicted how poorly this campaign will go for their team.

“The Golden State Warriors are cooked,” Barkley told Green, who was hired as a sideline analyst for the special match.

“That’s crazy,” Green immediately answered. “You said that last year, but we all know you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Barkley proceded to claim that he never doubted the Warriors before they came back last year and conquered the championship. The Golden State player replied: “You say that every year! You’ve said it every year since I’ve been in the league.”

“That’s not true, but y’all are cooked now,” Barkley stated about the squad currently ranking 9th in the Western Conference. “Y’all are done.” Most of our favorite sport betting sites actually believe the Bay Area team possesses the 5th best odds (+1200) in the league to earn the title for a second consecutive time. Not bad for a “cooked” team!

Green concluded by stating the facts. “That still leaves us four [NBA championships] ahead of you, boss,” he said.

Watch the live interaction in the following video and judge it yourself:

Barkley also shared his views on the GOAT debate

Ever since LeBron James started out-performing every player in the NBA when he first started, basketball fans all around the world beganto put his name on the table as a potential contender to the ‘Greatest of all Time’ title.

However, now that the Lakers star recently passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to become the league’s all-time leading scorer, there is no way to hide from the fact that LeBron is one of the best ever.

The “Inside the NBA” panel took a dip into the debate one more time, as Shaquille O’Neal decided to have a more reserved answer, Charles Barkley deepened his explanation.

“Well, when you have no talent on television and radio, the fake GOAT argument is like those stupid idiots on the internet,” Barkley started. “Kareem was the greatest in his generation, MJ was the greatest in his generation, and LeBron’s been the greatest in his generation.”

“You can’t compare eras, it’s impossible. LeBron is, and I’ve said this before, the greatest sports story ever. I don’t want to leave Kobe out of this conversation either. As great as Kobe was, Kevin Garnett, those early high school players, LeBron was the only one who came in ready to play at 18 years old,” the NBA legend explained.