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Assessing The Pretenders And The Contenders



As with any NBA season, the 74th season has been filled with surprises and challenges. With the Golden State Warriors dynasty potentially coming to an end, the floor is wide open for new top contenders and the Lakers might be doing as well as was anticipated.

Let’s jump in and take a look at which teams are doing exceptionally well this season and which have left fans feeling disappointed in their overall performance. And for anyone betting on this NBA playoff season, we assess on the odds on who is most likely to succeed in the championship.

Which teams don’t really have a shot this season?

Minnesota Timberwolves

With the worst record in the league, the Minnesota Timberwolves have had a disappointing season so far. Considering this performance, it is unsurprising that Head Coach Ryan Saunders was let go in February 2021 and replaced with Toronto Raptors’ Assistant Head Coach Chris Finch.

The Timberwolves have just 7 wins and a total of 29 losses to their name at this point, ranking them last in the western conference. The absence of defensive player Karl-Anthony Towns certainly has not helped with this.

Overall, while their roster isn’t too bad, they do not have an effective system in place it appears to be more of a read-and-react offense strategy than any sort of rigid plan. The team would also benefit from having a few more experienced players on the court

Detroit Pistons

Over in the eastern conference, the Detroit Pistons have not had much to brag about either, with just 10 wins and a staggering 25 losses. Their poor performance this season is despite the fresh new talent that has been introduced to the team.

This has been the Pistons’ third season with their Head Coach Dwane Casey and their first with new General Manager Troy Weaver.

Jerami Grant has proven to be a great pick for the roster. So too have rookies Saddiq Bey, Isaiah Stewart, and Saben Lee. Josh Jackson has also shown some great promise as he tries to ditch his label as a number 4 pick.

The Pistons put a lot of faith into rookie player Killian Hayes, however, he was criticized for his lackluster performance early on in the season. In December, the point guard debuted in the preseason against the New York Knicks with  5 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists

Houston Rockets

With 11 losses so far in the eastern conference, things aren’t looking too great for the Texan team. The cause of this might have something to do with their poor offense.

They currently rank last in the offense rating by quite a significant percentage. The shooting has been pretty dismal and both John Wall and Victor Oladipo have hardly proven themselves to be effective shooters.

The upcoming shakeup to the team might help Head Coach Stephen Silas to get some better results, but it is unlikely that they will be able to make much headway at this point in the season.

The real contenders are…

 Philadelphia 76ers

As the current division leader in the eastern conference Atlantic division, the Philadelphia 76ers have bagged 24 wins and just 12 losses so far this season. Making them a shoe-in for the championship title.

Their star player Ben Simmons is being considered the Most Valuable Player title as is teammate Joel Embiid. The pair have been a credit to the 76ers and have had a big hand to play in their success so far.

Last month, Embiid recorded a double-double with a new career-high of 50 points and 17 rebounds. This was at their game against the Chicago Bulls where they won with a 112–105 result.

Simmons has shown himself to be an incredible defensive player but is also making huge strides in terms of offense. The player was averaging 21 points, 7.9 rebounds, and 7.8 assists per game in February.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are having another impeccable season, with 24 wins and just 13 losses. The team’s final game before the All-Star break was on March 3.

The team will face some challenges later in the month as following their game against the Indiana Pacers, they will go head-to-head with The Los Angeles Clippers in two home games. The Clippers are also having a season to shout about and are tying with the Lakers with 24 wins and 14 losses at present.

Utah Jazz

Division leaders Utah Jazz are dominating the Western Conference with 27 wins and just 9 losses so far. They started off the season with an NBA and franchise record of a 23-5 start, putting Jordan Clarkson as a clear frontrunner for Man of the Year.

Royce O’Neale has proven to be a quality shooter this season at 41.4% and is often trusted to guard the opposing team’s best wing player.

At their current rate of success, we can expect to see Utah Jazz at the finals for the first time this century.

 Who is likely to succeed in the finals in the 2020-21 NBA season?

 Taking into account the history of the NBA and the performances seen this season, the Lakers are likely to be the favorites to win once again. Although, as discussed, the LA Clippers, Utah Jazz, and the 76ers are all likely contenders. There is also talk that the Brooklyn Nets and the Milwaukee Bucks have a great chance this season.



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Can Curry Carry Golden State All The Way?



er can make a team but Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry is attempting to defy that theory. Golden State is having a modest season by their high standards but they are in touching distance of the playoffs.

The fact that Golden State is even in contention is almost solely down to Curry’s performances on the court. With around one-third of the regular season remaining, the question is whether he can sustain that form and drive the Warriors all the way to the Championship game.

Incredible Run

On April 20th against the Philadelphia 76ers, Stephen Curry returned no fewer than 49 points as his franchise cruised to a 107-96 win. This was the 11th game in which the Point Guard had landed more than 30 points and that’s an incredible run, even by his own world-beating standards.

Curry’s form is carrying GSW to an extent: After 58 games of the regular season, there was perfect symmetry in the Warriors’ return of 29-29. Winning just 50% of their matches at this stage of the campaign put the side in ninth place in the Western Conference and that’s only enough to put the team in the play-in rounds.

The aim from here must be to reach the playoffs without going through those preliminary stages. There’s enough basketball to be played for Golden State to reach the top six and make that target but it’s clear that Steph Curry will be pivotal to that aim.

Golden State Rated

Anything can happen in the remainder of the 2021 NBA season but the sportsbooks don’t rate Golden State Warriors as genuine championship contenders. According to basketball betting odds, as supplied via, the impressive Brooklyn Nets are the favorites to win the pennant at the end of the campaign.

In the chasing pack behind the Nets, the LA Lakers, LA Clippers, Utah Jazz, and Milwaukee Bucks are attracting some interest. As for Golden State, they are way down the list in the outright winner market.

In fact, Stephen Curry and his men are the 17th favorites to win the ultimate prize in 2021. There are 16 teams with a better chance of winning, according to those sportsbooks, and that’s not an encouraging assessment.

As the NBA regular season continues, the markets are sure to adjust depending on results. Asiabet will be ready with updates on odds and they will also provide news and opinion to complement the numbers. Anyone looking to get involved with NBA betting can also consider new sportsbooks and a host of sign-up deals and other promotions for extra value.

Can Curry do it?

The issue for Golden State Warriors is the fact that they seem almost wholly reliant on Steph Curry right now. Of course, there is a supporting cast but their experienced point guard is pivotal to their success moving forward. If he were to suffer a dip in form or an injury that forces him away from the court, GSW may conceivably finish outside of those play in places and be eliminated at the first hurdle.

The good news is that Curry is returning points at record levels. That run of 11 straight games with 30 points or more is the first time that a player aged 33 or over has hit this mark. Curry has also recorded 10 or more three-point scores in six games so far this season. No other player has hit more than five in a season in their entire career.

The point guard also has more 40 point games in a single month than any other player of his age and above.

Little is certain but if Steph Curry stays fit, he will surely finish the season as the NBA’s leading scorer. Whether he can drive Golden State Warriors into the playoffs and beyond is another question but, if anyone can do it, Stephen Curry can.

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9 Fun and Easy Warm-Up Exercises



It’s essential to warm up properly before exercising, or else you risk injury or subpar performance. But many people put little effort into this crucial part of exercising because it’s relatively boring.

Some folks will even skip it altogether.

But we’re here to show that it doesn’t have to be boring to perform an effective warm-up session; in fact, it can be downright fun.

The Benefits of Warming Up Properly

We all know what can happen if we don’t warm up properly before working out, but what are some of the benefits of a great warm up routine?

  • Better Flexibility
  • Performance Improvement
  • Increased Range of Motion
  • Decreased Chance of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
  • Better Blood Flow

Here’s a list of our eight favorite fun and easy warm-up exercises for you to try to keep you enjoying your workouts and improving your performance.

1 – Dynamic Stretch Warm-Up

A dynamic warm-up routine is far superior to a static stretch. Static stretching can add an additional risk of injury and be detrimental to your performance. Dynamic stretches are movements that come more naturally to our bodies and are performed using only your bodyweight. The fluidity of the motion allows your body to gently warm up rather than holding a continuous stretch that can fatigue muscles before you’ve even started.

2 – Skipping

Skipping, or jump rope, is not only an excellent way of warming up before you work out, but it’s also really fun and a great cardio workout if you jump rope for extended periods. The constant motion is a surefire way of getting your heart rate elevated, your blood pumping, and your muscles warm.

3 – Heavy Bag Work

Throwing a few punches at a heavy bag is an ideal follow-up to some dynamic stretching. Start with a few simple jabs, crosses, and hooks and work your way up to some combinations. Don’t go too crazy, though; you’re supposed to be warming up, not knocking out Jake Paul. However much you might want to.

4 – Resistance Band Warm-Up

Warming up with some light resistance bands (like these from Victorem) is an excellent way to warm up your muscles for a good workout in the gym. Performing overhead presses, crab walks, rows, band pull aparts, and squats with resistance bands will prime your muscle for heavier barbell work.

5 – Yoga

Yoga isn’t only a fantastic way of warming up before a workout; it’s a superb way of keeping your muscles, tendons, and joints healthy for many years to come. Make no mistake, though, yoga is challenging, and you’ll need a good teacher to teach you the basics.

6 – Medicine Ball Warm-Up

Medicine balls are an amazing tool not just for accessory exercises but for warming up too. You can get creative with the way you warm up with a medicine ball, and they’re brilliant for warming up with your gym buddy. Just don’t go too heavy with your selection of balls.

7 – Stationary Bike

While the stationary bike in and of itself might not be the most exciting way to warm up for you (though some people love it), you can use the static nature of the machine to busy your mind while you warm up your body. Catch up on your favorite Netflix series, read a book, answer those emails you’ve been putting off for the last few days. The options are endless.

8 – Jumping Jacks

You can’t go wrong with jumping jacks as part of your warm-up. They’re super easy, everyone knows how to do them, they don’t require any equipment, and doing jumping jacks to music is a fun way of getting your body moving and your heart rate up. Though don’t try to keep the rhythm to thrash metal, or you may pass out.

9 – Animal Crawls and Walks

There are a surprising number of warm-up exercises that are named after animals. Many of these routines get their names as they mimic the movements of the creatures they’re named after the crab walk, the frog jump, the bear crawl. There’s a whole host of different animal exercises you can use to warm up your body.

You can choose to incorporate one or two of these different exercises into your warm-up routine or mix and match them to create a whole new warm-up altogether. Keeping your warm-up routines interesting so that you stick to them is the most important thing to keep your body primed for the best workouts possible.


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How it Is Hard To Predict March Madness Bracket And Why It Is So Popular?



After a gap of 1 year, the NCAA tournament is about to start. Since the tournament is going to start; The March Madness Bracket is also set to come back. It suffered a setback last year for the pandemic. There are millions of people around the world who are waiting to participate in this outstanding program which can come with plenty of money as a prize if their luck favors it. People, who are participating in this kind of lottery program, are not only basketball enthusiasts but a number of mathematicians who have a length of period of experience in prediction, have joined.

According to many, it is not as easy as it seems to predict the right outcome from the tournament. The chance to get your predictions correct is almost one in billions of times. So, even one of the professional mathematicians has ever been able to predict the right March Madness bracket but still, there is a chance to get the best result from the prediction and in this way, it will be a very close outcome that can satisfy the participants. This article will let you know about the March Madness Bracket which is known as one of the biggest betting events of basketball history.

Why Do People Wait Eagerly to Participate in the March Madness Bracket?

Needless to mention, there are millions of basketball enthusiasts eagerly waiting to participate in the March Madness Bracket. This event is high in popularity around the world. This particular term is being coined by Illinois high school officer Henry Porter. However, this was particularly popular in the year 1982 basketball tournament when the broadcaster used this officially on the official channels.

How March Madness Bracket Is Being Played Out?

In the event of the March Madness Bracket, there are almost 68 basketball teams that get the chance to compete against each other along with the single-elimination tournament in seven rounds and with 63 matches. NCAA Madness Bracket allows anyone who can try to predict the match results. If the people who have predicted all these matches and their results rightly, they will win big money.

The Chance of Winning the March Madness Bracket

March Madness Bracket is getting organized every year and this ritual is from 1939. At present, there is not a single person even able to predict the outcome rightly and however, some participants have managed to predict the correct result for a few matches but still, they are far from the reality.

People Participate in this Event as a Lottery

People who are mainly participating in different types of lottery programs have already tried their luck to win the right bracket, however; they fail to predict the right outcome. This is not about winning the Lotto jackpot. According to estimation, people get a chance of 1 in 33 million to win the lottery. Though it looks very small probability in the case of the March Madness bracket, this chance also gets thinner.  According to experts, the odds of any person being hit by an asteroid from space are 1 in 1.6 million but it is more than 75,000 likelier than winning the perfect bracket.

According to the rule of that event, people who want to win the entire prize money, have to predict 32 matches’ results in the first round, 16 matches in the 2nd round, and the last 8 matches in the third round. After that, they have to also predict the right 4 matches in the Elite Eight round, 2 matches in the final four and last the championship match. So, according to a calculation, the probability of the right predicting of all these matches is 1 in 9 quintillions. Due to this thinnest probability, there are millions of people every year eagerly waiting to participate in this event.

Has Anyone of the Participants Succeeded?

Though, none of the participants have yet to predict a hundred percent correctly most of the participants have come close. Few people also predict the right half of the entire match. In the year 2019, Gregg Nigl had successfully predicted 49 out of 64 matches. This result was very close but he lost to correctly predict Sweet Sixteen rounds which are known as the 3rd round of the tournament. It is quite hard to predict and still, it is yet to witness the winner.

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