Charles Barkley Wants To ‘Get Past This Bulls**t’ With Michael Jordan

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Certain people can hold grudges longer than others and that seems to be the case with Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. Jordan is the majority owner of the Charlotte Hornets and is the only former player to do so. His old buddy Barkley made some comments about Jordan over 10 years ago and the two haven’t spoke since. Barkley said in a recent interview that he wants to end all the drama with Jordan. This beef has been brewing for years now.

In the past, Barkley has criticized his former friend Michael Jordan, claiming that he “has not done a good job” as an NBA executive. The two haven’t spoken in ten years and Barkley is making public comments about the situation. Possibly to get the attention of Jordan in an effort to try resolve this prolonged drama.

Barkley wants to settle this 10-year drama with Jordan

In an recent interview with Bleacher Report, Barkley was asked to speak on the comments he’d made on another podcast about Michael Jordan and their ongoing beef.

“It’s a really unfortunate situation for me and him,”… “But I’m going to do my job, first and foremost. Because I can’t criticize other coaches and general managers, and give him a pass because he’s my best friend. I just can’t do that.” – Charles Barkley

“What I said was, ‘Michael’s got to surround himself with better people. And I worry about him being successful.'” – Charles Barkley

He was referring to comments that he’d made in an ESPN interview back in 2012. At that time, MJ was only in his second year with the Charlotte franchise and Barkley believed that Jordan was surrounding himself with the wrong people and was not setting up his team for success. Jordan’s Hornets have only made the playoffs twice in his time with the team. You can’t say that Barkley is wrong, it may just be a tough pill to swallow for Jordan as he’s been extremely successful in almost everything he’s done.