Out Of Bounds

Out of Bounds: Sky High Hops Only

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The Funny, Stupid Thing of the Day


Comedian Kevin Hart is making himself a staple on the NBA scene these days, with his latest prank showing him jumping Shaq with a shoe. Hart truly looks like a child next to the Shaq, so his decision to get out the door as quickly as possible is warranted.

Dunks of the Day

Just another day at the gym with these freak athletes. While at Chris Paul’s basketball camp, high school guards Malik Monk and Kwe Parker started their own dunk contest along with Maryland guard Dezmine Wells and Wisconsin-Green Bay guard Keifer Sykes. Monk is the clear winner in our eyes with his creativity, but it’s also incredible to see 5’11 Sykes get up as high as he does.


Pelicans and Team USA forward Anthony Davis looks ready to go this next season as this awesome alley-oop jam shows.

Dirk Nowitzki Highlights

Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki may be getting up there in age, but you can’t tell us you’re not afraid when your team has to line up against him. Nowitzki still has plenty of tricks up his sleeve and doesn’t want anybody to forget he’s still one of the best power forwards in the game.

Cheerleaders of the Day


These Laker Girls won’t miss an opportunity to cheer on their home team, even if they’re on the baseball diamond.

YouTube of the Day

Being able to touch the top of the backboard is the stuff of legends in terms of displaying athleticism in basketball. That’s why street baller Kirpatrick McCauley doing it without a warmup and getting it on the first try is even more incredible. The best part? McCauley doesn’t even take off his hat to pull it off.

Instagrams of the Day


Just a couple of bosses chilling together. Wizards forward Paul Pierce isn’t missing the opportunity to have breakfast with legendary actor Al Pacino. Doesn’t this photo just make sense?


In support of the fight against ALS, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant takes the “Ice Bucket Challenge” a step further by dunking his entire body in icy cold water.


Rockets guard Patrick Beverley is taking his training to the next level by employing an altitude mask to simulate a work out in lower oxygen levels. “Mr. 94 Feet” definitely isn’t taking any time off this summer just as he does on the court.

Kicks of the Day


These are some pretty fly Under Armour Anatomix Spawn “The Zone” PE’s that are out in the streets now. All we can say is Warriors guard Stephen Curry makes these kicks look good.

Swag of the Day


Pierce is looking pretty sharp next to former MLB star Barry Bonds. Barry doesn’t look bad himself.