Team USA has an interest in having Joel Embiid play for them in the 2024 Olympics

76ers Joel Embiid records 24th 35-point game this season, most by center since Moses Malone

For the first time next summer, Sixers’ big man Joel Embiid is eligible to play in the Olympics. Two teams are currently scouting the reigning league MVP. Team USA and Team France would love to have the opportunity to land Embiid for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. When Embiid officially became a US citizen, Team USA was quick to reach out. 

Throughout the 2022-23 season, Embiid did receive questions about who he might play for. He refrained from giving an answer and said he was focused on the 76ers at the time. Embbid hasn’t made a public statement, but that doesn’t mean work isn’t being done behind closed doors.

Team USA Basketball Managing Director, Grant Hill, has contacted Embiid about their interest in 2024. Hill went on SiriusXM NBA Radio and said he was unsure where Embii’d head is at. They would love to have him play for Team USA, but the French have just as strong of a chance to land him.

Joel Embiid would be a massive pick-up for Team USA in the 2024 Olympics

Despite Team USA’s interest in Embiid, there’s no guarantee that Embiid will participate in the 2024 Olympics at all. This summer, he skipped out on the FIBA World Cup and it makes you question whether he wants to play internationally or not. As a team player and league MVP, he’s prioritized the 76ers first.

That hasn’t stopped Grant Hill from reaching out to Embiid and keeping the discussion going. If Embiid does choose to play in the 2023 Olympics, it will either be for Team USA or for Team France. Hill stressed how France was Team USA’s toughest opponent in the 2021 Olympics.

France beat them in their first game and then they had a rematch in the Gold Medal game. They gave Team USA a run for their money and almost made a comeback in the fourth. Losing Embbid to the French would be tough for Team USA. In the 2024 Olympics, they’ll be adding Victor Wembanyama to their roster as well. Getting Embiid to play for Team USA needs to be a priority for them this summer and into next season.