The Minnesota Timberwolves turned down every trade offer they received for Jaden McDaniels in the 2023 NBA Draft

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This past season, the Minnesota Timberwolves snuck into the playoffs as the eighth seed. They lost in five games to the Denver Nuggets. Despite the year ending poorly, the Timberwolves still have a solid core of players. During the 2023 NBA Draft, Minnesota “received a ton of interest” for SF Jaden McDaniels. The Timberwolves shot down every trade offered to them. 

On Minnesota’s roster, Jaden McDaniels is certainly not the flashiest name they have. Rudy Gobert is a three-time DPOY and Karl-Anthony Towns is a multi-time all-star. Additionally, Anthony Edwards is one of the bright young stars in the NBA after going first overall in the 2020 NBA draft.

They had three first-round picks in that 2020 NBA draft. Along with Edwards, Jaden McDaniels was taken 28th overall by Minnesota. During trade calls for McDaniels last night, the Timberwolves said “a huge piece of the team’s long-term future”.

The Timberwolves refused to trade Jaden McDaniels during the 2023 NBA Draft

Jaden McDaniels had a breakout season for the Timberwolves during 2022-23. He averaged a career-high (12.1) points and (30.6) minutes per game. In his first two seasons, McDaniels worked for his playing time and was establishing himself as a pro.

It all came together for him last season and had an increased role with the team. He became a full-time starter last season and played in 79 of their 82 games. At six-foot-nine, McDaniels is a versatile defender who can guard multiple positions. The coaching staff is comfortable with leaving him on the perimeter in one-on-one situations.

During the 2022-23 season, he also averaged a career-high (.517) percent from the field and (.398) percent from deep. McDaniels adds value to their roster as a restricted free agent after the 2023-24 season. They have some big salaries they need to pay in the next few seasons. Anthony Edwards and McDaniels will be eligible for contract extensions in the near future.