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Tyson Chandler criticizes Knicks strategy again



A defensive Mike Woodson might have taken a little poke at critic Tyson Chandler before Wednesday’s loss, saying there was no complaints about the Knicks’ defense during their five-game winning streak earlier this month. Chandler missed those games due to bronchitis.

But that didn’t stop Chandler from pointing out some more strategic miscues in the Knicks’ 110-106 loss to the Sixers at the Gardnen.

When asked about what went wrong with the defense, Chandler said the club should have concentrated more on Evan Turner, who burned them all game, finishing with 34 points, 13 of 22 from the field.

“A lot of things that were wrong defensively tonight,’’ Chandler said. “I think we should’ve maybe been more aggressive on Evan Turner, especially once he got going. It’s one of the things that kept them in the flow.’’

Chandler then was asked if he was surprised Woodson took out a unit that had built a five-point lead early in the fourth quarter spearheaded by Pablo Prigioni and Andrea Bargnani.

“A little,’’ Chandler said. “It is what it is.’’

Chandler, after the loss to Brooklyn on Monday, said Jason Kidd’s Nets “outschemed us’’ and wondered if the switching defense was effective with this personnel.

Under attack, Woodson fired back before the game, defending his strategies.

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