WATCH: Bucks’ Meyers Leonard went viral after he was clearly caught cheering for the Heat on accident

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Meyers Leonard bucks pic

The Milwaukee Bucks will have their backs against the wall tonight in Game 5 vs the Miami Heat. After Jimmy Butler took over Game 4, the Bucks need to win the next three in a row to advance to the next round. Milwaukee’s backup big man Meyers Leonard went viral after Monday’s loss. He was seen cheering for a Miami-made three-pointer and might have forgotten what team he was playing for. 

Leonard earned a full-time roster spot with the Bucks this season after playing on two 10-day contracts. This was his second chance to be in the NBA again after making some poor choices a few years ago. He was a key piece in the Maimi Heat’s run to the NBA Finals in 2020.

The 31-year-old went viral after Milwaukee’s loss on Monday after cheering for a three-pointer made by the Heat. Heading into Game 5 tonight, NBA betting sites have the Bucks at (-600) to win at home.

Meyers Leonard knew he messed up when he cheered for a Miami Heat three-pointer

In the clip above, the Heat hit a three-pointer and it puts Miami up by 12. Nobody on the Bucks’ bench had a reaction to that happening except for Meyers Leonard. He stood up and cheered for the Heat’s made three and quickly sat down after.

The emotions on his face look like he knew he messed up as he started scratching his chin afterward. It seemed like a genuine mistake by Leonard, but he had an explanation for what happened. Leonard went to Twitter after seeing videos of himself go viral for cheering on the Heat.

Milwaukee’s big man tried to put some context to the situation and it somewhat makes sense. His teammates were not upset with him at the moment. Speculation about what happened might not be true, but it was funny to see Leonard cheer for the opposing team during a postseason game.