Young NBA Players To Watch In 2021

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Young NBA Players To Watch In 2021

Meta: Do you know which young NBA players are set to turn heads in 2021? Read about some of the best young NBA players here in this article.

The NBA is one of the most-watched sports in America and the players are adored by fans. While some of the players have been on the court for many years and have become household names, others are just starting out but have a great future ahead of them.

In this guide, we thought we would look at some of the young NBA players that you should be watching in 2021. Read on to hear which top up-and-coming players made this list!

Patrick Williams

At just 19 years old, Patrick Williams is currently a rookie that we must all be watching. He is currently playing as number 9 for the Chicago Bulls and is building a notable reputation for himself. He has already proved himself as a bench player at FSU and earned various awards doing so. This 6’8” player is certainly one to watch.

James Wiseman

Did you know that James Wiseman is only 19 years old and is already 7’1”? If you were a betting man, you’d probably take one look at the NBA odds and consider placing a bet on Wiseman when he plays for the Golden State Warriors. This player showed a lot of potential so far and is shaping up to be one of the most popular players of the future.

Killian Hayes

Killian Hayes is another 19-year-old to make our list and he is currently playing for the Detroit Pistons. Killian is 6’5” tall and already has a nickname, as he is known as “Kill”. It is expected that this player out of France is going to get a lot of minutes on the court this season so don’t take your eyes off him if you are a Pistons fan.

R.J Hampton

R.J. Hampton has previously played overseas, and he is one of the only American rookies to have done this so far. He is currently playing as number 13 for the Denver Nuggets and is 19 years old. Fans of Hampton call him Hamptime. He is 6’5” tall and shows a lot of potential to become one of the notable players in the NBA.

LaMelo Ball

Are you a Charlotte Hornets fan? If you are then you might already recognise the last young NBA player on our list, LaMelo Ball. This player is 19 years old and is 6’7”. His nickname is Melo, and he plays as number 2 for the team. It is expected that he will have an immediate effect on the success of the Charlotte Hornets.

Watch Out

Some of the NBA all stars should be worried about their positions with these young players coming up the ranks. They have shown a lot of potential and are set to really make an impact on their teams. It won’t be long before they are moving around and joining some of the biggest teams in the NBA.

Make sure to keep an eye on all of these rookies!