ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski announced that he will not be reporting picks in advance this year during the NBA Draft

Adrian Wojnarowski pic

Social media has become more and more mainstream over the last 10-15 years. With that, professional sports leagues have become more prevalent on social media like Twitter. NBA fans are ruthless and are always looking for the latest news and scoops. One man who usually has those answers is ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. This year during the draft, he announced that he will not be reporting picks in advance. 

Wojnarowski is the go-to source for the most accurate and detailed coverage of the NBA. He’s been tapped into the NBA for years now and has been with ESPN since 2017. In the past, he was well-known for tipping draft picks before they were announced live on TV.

This year, he told Ryen Russillo on his podcast that he will not be tipping picks in advance. Woj said that tipping the picks doesn’t have any value for ESPN or himself anymore.

Adrian Wojnarowski will not be tipping picks on social media before the 2023 NBA Draft

Back on the day of the NBA draft back in 2009, Wojnarowski created his Twitter account. Today, he has 5.9 million followers and has built a strong reputation for himself. That is when he started giving out all the information on Twitter. Writing an article would not be worth the real-time information he had.

That’s why he turned to Twitter. However, he’s not going to have his head buried in the phone any longer. In the past, he said tipping the picks affected his performance on ESPN’s live coverage. He was so consumed with providing real-time information to Twitter and his social media followers.

Next Thursday, June 22, the 2023 NBA Draft will be taking place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. Wojnarowski said he will stay on top of trades and other movements that happens throughout the night. He wants to make sure that he’s contributing to ESPN’s broadcast and not buried in his phone.