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Green: Warriors Won’t Remain Together as Team



The fact that his future is cloudy and the NBA is a business isn’t lost on the former Michigan State standout (Warriors Draymond Green). He is cherishing these times and these victories.

“I’ve said it multiple times this year, we know how good we are,” Green said. “We’re having so much fun. It’s a fun group to be around. It’s easy to capitalize on this, when you enjoy being around the people you’re around every day. This is a special group, a special bond, so let’s make the best of it, because this team will probably never be together again.

“That’s just the nature of this business. One addition, one subtraction, and the team isn’t together no more. So take advantage of it while you’ve got it because I’m sure this team will never be together again. It’s a fun time. One of the funnest times of my life. Live in the moment.”

via Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe.

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