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NBA Power Rankings: Hawks Fly Sky High

The Pistons rise but the real question is whether the Hawks have displaced the Warriors at the top.



Over the course of the past week, there are three teams that have hijacked the headlines across the Association.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have done all that they can to ensure that they put themselves in a position to be able to seriously contend this season, having traded Dion Waiters and two future first round draft picks to help fortify themselves in their two most deficient areas. With newfound shooting guard depth featuring Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith and a presence on the interior in Timofey Mozgov, we wonder where the Cavaliers will stand next week.

The Detroit Pistons have pulled a monumental turnaround. Despite being 3-19 at one point, they now have a puncher’s chance at making the playoffs.

And speaking of punchers, how bout them Atlanta Hawks? Despite holding the league’s best record for what seems like the entire season, the Hawks simply left us no choice but to anoint them the team atop the NBA, and this comes on the footsteps of us giving Paul Millsap credit for being among the game’s most underrated players.

Out West, the Oklahoma City Thunder will be hard pressed to make the playoffs. It took 49 wins to get in last season and for the Thunder to reach that win total, they would have to go 32-14 the rest of the way.

As we close in on the All-Star Break, we wonder if Kevin Durant will have the opportunity to pack his bags and head to New York City. It’s a legitimate question… Though not more legitimate than wondering whether Jeff Green or Luol Deng become the next players to be moved.

After 10 Weeks, the NBA season only gets more interesting, especially with the Hawks soaring above everyone else. Who foresaw that?

Moke Hamilton is a Deputy Editor and Columnist for Basketball Insiders.

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