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Out Of Bounds

Out of Bounds: High Flying Jams

Out of Bounds gets excited for some incredible dunks… NBA Live 15 debuts it’s first trailer… Kwe Parker makes our jaws drop with his hops.



The Funny, Stupid Thing of the Day

Gotta keep my ? right #holdat #teamebraceface…

A post shared by Nate Robinson (@naterobinson) on

Nuggets guard Nate Robinson is swagged out and silly even when he’s getting his braces worked on. We didn’t know someone could have such a fun attitude at the dentist.

YouTube of the Night

Before Team USA and New Zealand game, players from the New Zealand team honored their country’s tradition of the Haka dance before they went to battle. The reactions from Team USA are priceless.

Dunks of the Night

Team USA and Pelicans forward Anthony Davis is long. After all the amazing dunks by Davis this summer against the world, you can bet that the NBA should be fearful of the young star this next year.

Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried may not be as long as Davis, but he has an extra dose of viciousness that all fans can appreciate.

Meanwhile, Suns forward Gerald Green is just messing around in the gym. The only difference? There’s probably only a handful of people who can replicate Green’s supreme athleticism.

Cheerleaders of the Day

The Timberwolves cheerleaders made a stop at the Minnesota State Fair and look mighty good doing it.

Instagram of the Day

Trick shot…. late night hoops.

A post shared by Nick Young (@swaggyp1) on

Lakers guard Nick Young must be rubbing off on his girlfriend and singer Iggy Azalea as she sinks this nice behind the backboard shot.

Trailer of the Day

After NBA 2K15 debuted their first trailer, NBA Live 15 had to make their presence known. If these graphics matches the gameplay, NBA 2K15 may have a real rival on their hands.

Kwe Parker Highlights

Junior high school guard Kwe Parker just keeps doing work with these hot slams. This kid can fly and we can’t wait to see what he does when he gets to the next level.

Swag of the Day

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Bosh looked amazing while at Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union‘s wedding. Nothing but class from this couple.

Kicks of the Day

These shoe's tho … I'm a killer

A post shared by Nick Young (@swaggyp1) on

Nick Young puts the swag in “Swaggy P” with these kicks. These aren’t meant for everybody and that’s just the way Nick likes it.

Kyle Cape-Lindelin is based out of Portland, OR covering the NBA while being one of the newsline editors and contributor to "Out of Bounds."

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