WATCH: Is there beef between Kyrie Irving and Dillon Brooks after a failed jersey swap on Monday night?

Irving and Brooks pic

The Memphis Grizzlies took home a tough 112-108 victory vs the Dallas Mavericks on Monday night. Everything was routine after the game. Players were very cordial towards each other and all seemed well. That was until shortly after the games end when a video of Kyrie Irving and Dillon Brooks appeared. It showed Irving not taking Brooks’ jersey in the swap and social media had something to say about it. 

Kyrie has since spoken out about what happened and said he will get Brooks a jersey the next time they play. However, the root of the problem is bigger than that. Dillon Brooks has been all over social media lately and is always trash-talking his opponent.

He loves to stir up drama in the games and is becoming the new Draymond Green, but has no trophies or accolades to back it up. Despite the attention, he’s still a key piece of the Grizzlies and will look to be a key piece in their playoff run. Tennessee Sports Betting sites have the Grizzlies at (+2200) to win the Finals this season.

Is Dillon Brooks becoming one of the most hated players in the league?

In the clip above, Dillon Brooks attempts to swap jerseys with Kyrie Irving. Dallas’ all-star PG daps Brooks up and makes little to no eye contact with him and hands over his jersey. Irving didn’t complete the swap and Brooks was left holding two jerseys. Not usually how that ends.

Kyrie has since then made a comment about what actually happened. He has this to say.

“I saw that after the game,”… “I’ll probably get it next time. Probably next time. Not this time,”… “I was really onto the next thing, thought process-wise.” – Kyrie Irving

Dillon Brooks has become a villain in the NBA this season and he’s always looking to stir the pot with whoever the Grizzlies face. That’s the type of player he is and he uses that to his advantage, but it also has a negative effect on him as well. He’s received 18 technical fouls this season.