Ex-NBA star Joe Smith just found out his wife of 5 years is hot on OnlyFans: ‘That’s f***ed up’

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Former NBA star Joe Smith is back in the news after his own wife Kisha Chavis filmed his reaction of him finding out she has been selling footage of herself on OnlyFans for some time. His response was furious and full of confusion, as he wondered why she never told him before.

Chavis, who has been his partner for five years now, is a former adult actress. During the video she is heard remind him of who she really is, saying that he should know who he married.

“You knew who the f*** I was when you met me. I thought I would never have to go back to anything like this again. But, unfortunately, that’s not the case right now,” she said about her participation in the website.

While he still hasn’t realized he’s being filmed by her, you can clearly hear his fuming reaction. “That’s bulls***. That’s f***ed up Kish,” he ranted while in the kitchen. “I can’t believe I am sitting here, just finding out you have got OnlyFans. After all these years.”

The problem seems to get bigger when she let’s everyone know that they are having money problems, and she’s simply looking for solutions around it. “I’ve been asking for solutions to s***, you’ve not given me one so I created one. You act like that’s the only thing I do,” Chavis claims.

The former athlete is reported to have earned around $61 million during his time on the basketball courts, but it’s unclear on how much of his fortune is still left.

Smith once appeared on CNBC’s Back in the Game, which was hosted by MLB icon Alex Rodriguez, and shared about his struggles to manage the millions he made in the NBA.

“A lot of people think once you sign that contract, you’re just an automatic millionaire,” he said. “But it doesn’t work like that. Nobody really explained that and broke that down to me. Out of that $3million, Uncle Sam is going to take probably $1.5 [million] of that. That was just something I had to learn.”

Smith played for 12 different teams during his time in professional basketball, which started off his career in 1995 with the Golden State Warriors.

Back in 2001, Smith was part of an NBA scandal when Minnesota icon Kevin Garnett publicly led a movement in his favor

Kevin Garnett is today a Hall of Famer due to his campaigns leading the Timberwolves’ pack to some of their best-ever franchise runs. In 1998, the squad was full of promise and added young Smith to the roster. Despite him leaving later on, the Minnesota legend created a huge scandal after he publicly announced he wanted to bring Joe back in 2001.

“Everybody wants him back. We’ll start a campaign. I’ll be the leader,” KG said almost two decades ago, and the NBA wasn’t happy. The context around this situation was that the franchise would look to ink small contracts to make the players eligible and then make space for additional stars, an illegal practice in which Smith participated.

Kevin’s campaign did not sit will with then-NBA senior vice president Stu Jackson, who decided to prevent further polemic and told Garnett to “refrain from such comments about Smith.”

The former-Timberwolves head coach Flip Saunders decided to adhere to these instructions. “The only time this has ever been brought up is when we play Detroit,″ he said. “I know as far as our staff is concerned, we stay away from that.”